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Ho Chi Minh

No description

Nathan Lewis

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ho Chi Minh

Double click anywhere & add an idea Ho Chi Minh Who was he? Ho Chi Minh was a revolutionary and a nationalist who was obsessed with gaining independence for his country of Vietnam. At the time, Vietnam was under control by the French and Ho Chi Minh was driven to expel them. He is most known for defeating and driving out the French, and later for driving the U.S. out of Vietnam by utilizing unconventional gGuerilla tactics. What type of a leader was he? Ho Chi Minh was a ruthless autocratic leader who waned nothing else than to expel all foreigners out of Indochina (Vietnam). He wouldn't accept no as an answer, he once was asked how long he would fight to gain his independence, and he replied, "Twenty years, maybe 100 years — as long as it took to win, regardless of cost." He lead his Viet Minh Guerillas through decades of war using his own decisive and international decisions, and he didn't take advice from others. Ho Chi Minh didn't get to his position of power by asking, he made commands and demanded responses. He was friendly with his allies but ruthless towards his enemies. He lead his men who followed his orders loyally without question. He certainly wasn't the type to negotiate with and strived to achieve what he wanted. How did he communicate with others? How did he inspire? Ho Chi Minh inspired his troops with the hope of freedom and his passion towards achieving independence. He led them brilliantly fighting throughout the jungles of Vietnam. His men followed him regardless of his decisions. They were inspired by him and "Sharing his fervor, his tattered guerillas vaulted daunting obstacles to crush France's desperate attempt to retrieve its empire in Indochina." What qualities made him a good leader? Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Min possessed serveral qualities that made him a good leader. His amazing charisma attracted strong support from the communist and nationalist parties. His strong dedication towards achieving his goals also drove him to accomplish what he believed was right. He was a "passionate nationalist obsessed by a single goal: independence for his country." Lastly, his ingenuousness forged an unconventional guerilla style of warfare which helped defeat both the French and the Americans. What was his management style?
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