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Inferiority complex and Self-esteem

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Omar Almujahed

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Inferiority complex and Self-esteem

Inferiority Complexes
What is "inferiority"?
Possibility of links to other symptoms (i.e. insomnia, depression)
Case Studies
Prevention and Treatment
How to Prevent Inferiority Complex in Teenagers within a family:

Overcoming inferiority complex :
Warm-up Questions
Have you ever felt frustration at somebody else who's better at the sport you play?
Have you ever felt irritation when somebody else memorises everything immediately while it takes you a few days?
Have you ever felt like you're insignificant or a second-banana to a community when contributing nothing to it?
English B Takers!
You must have felt miserable when you wanted to convey your message but weren't able to due to your English!
There's no problem with that!
Feeling these sensations is absolutely normal and becoming even more common nowadays.
Shuhei and Omar
"Little confident"
"Less important"
Extrinsic Causes
Intrinsic Causes
Social Influence
- Inner social (family/friends/partner)
- Outer social (school/materialism/competition)
Cultural Influence
Religious Influence
Environmental Influence
How can we raise our self-confident/self-esteem?
Interview with my peer
- Moved from a rural, conservative school to an economically and socially higher school

- "Social inferior"

- No sense of privilege of belonging to clubs
A Chinese Girl
- An always-loved sister
- An attention-grabber brother (mother's devotion)
- Loss of mother
- Overweight
- Isolation
- Traumatised
- Overuse of make-up

Positive Outcomes...?

- Able to empathise with others more

- Able to actually feel how a person is feeling

- "I have learnt to live with it, and control it better."
"Inferiority" is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and a feeling of not measuring up to society's standards.
What is " Self-esteem" ?
"Self-esteem" is a person's overall emotional evaluation of his or her own
- Failure:
Social relationships

- Stress/Pressure

- Self Identity:
" Who am I ? "

- Frustration:
Dont ignore the teenager's needs .
Dont favor one teenager over the other .
Only criticize him when its extremely important .
Love your son/daughter .
Build his self-confidence .
Change your thoughts by changing your negative self talk
You don't carry the blame for the ignorance of others
Fix your mental self image .
Remove the labels that you have acquired .
Install new beliefs using hypnosis.
Build your self confidence .
- Subconscious
- Superb achievements OR extremely anti-social behaviours
- Genetic characteristics AND personal experiences
- Little self-esteem
"something that mentally supports us"
"something that helps us gain confident"
"something that might cause too much self-adoration, narcissism"
Activities (physical)
Change in Mindset (mental)
Some statistics :

- Set a goal/compromise

- Try many other things and discover what motivates and excites you most

- Refreshment (i.e. exercises, listen to music, etc)

- Always make a PLAN toward the goal and feel your progress

- Talk about it with friends and loved ones
- Recognise insecurities

- Identify past successes

- Be thankful for what you have

- Always be positive!

- Accept compliments gracefully

- Stick to own principles

- Avoid perfectionism
Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs :
- 12% to 7 %
- 11% to 5 %

Physical Health :
12% to 4 %

Appearance :
60% to 30 %

Relationships and Mental Health:
- 51% to 11 %
- 14% to 4 %
- 47% to 10%

Exercise :
- 59% to 75 %
- 71% to 88%
- 26% TO 7%



Herefordshire Council , Teenage Lifestyle Survey – October 2006 .



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