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colliding galaxies

No description

Jordan Landry

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of colliding galaxies

C LLIDING GALAXIES HICKSON COMPACT GROUP 31 Cartwheel Galaxy MICE COLLISION GALAXY Catalogued by Paul Hickson. This galaxy has waited 10 MILLION years to come close together. Four dwarf galaxies in this group. Millions of young stars are growing right now. He cataloged over 100 groups. severial hundred to a thousand massive stars. The final galaxy might be a large elliptical galaxy. Galaxies are starting to collide. gas clouds are heated by ultraviolet radiation Nebulas will form and dissipate. They will "punch" through the cluster at 2 million miles per hour. They will also start to pile up on top of each other. They are 166 million light years away. One galaxy is 40 million light years away. Pull each other apart. Possible to have already passed through each other. Collide again and again till they coolesce. Make one giant galaxy. 300 million light years away. Member of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies. Toward constellation of Coma Berenices. Beautiful and very rare. In the constellation of Sculptor. Super rare case. Hubble resolves bright blue knots that are
gigantic clusters of new born stars.
... and immense loops and bubbles blown into space by exploding
stars going off like a string of firecrackers. two galaxies collided Ring around them spreading outward 200,000 miles per hour. New stars are forming. ... violent wave ... Irregular and Spiral. CARTWHEEL GALAXY COLLIDING GALAXY MICE COLLISION GROUP HICKSON COMPACT GROUP 31 Two different colors colliding to make one color in a clear sphere... I'm talking about galaxies people!!!! Colliding Galaxies!!!!! By: Jordan Landry
2nd hour
Cagle ...and immense loops and bubbles blown into space
by exploding stars going off like a string of firecrackers.
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