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How many calories does physical activity use?

Meal Planning Presentation on how many calories burned when doing certain physical activities.

Christina Cistulli

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of How many calories does physical activity use?

How many calories does physical activity use?
Moderate 30 minutes Bicycling less than 10 m.p.h. burns about 87 calories. A light weight lifting workout at a moderate effort burns about 58 calories. Fast, upbeat dancing dancing burns about
130 calories. Lawn work and gardening burns about 87 calories. A general (not serious) game of
basketball burns about 145 calories Golfing using a cart burns about 75 calories. Cross country hiking burns about
145 calories Walking at 3.5 m.p.h. carrying nothing burns about
81 calories How many calories does physical activity use?
Vigorous 30 minutes Bicycling at 15 m.p.h. burns about 261 calories. Weight lifting burns about 145 calories. Aerobic excersism such as "step ups" and dancing burns about 174 calories. Chopping wood or carpentry burns about 145 calories. Running 5 m.p.h. (about a 12 min/mile pace)
burns about 203 calories. A basketball game (duration of 30 minutes at a vigorous effort) burns about 203 calories. Walking 4.5 m.p.h. on a hard surface burns about 154 calories. Swimming laps (with breaks of course) burns about 261 calories. This information is based on my weight and height. For most of you, you will burn more calories. CALORIES The amount of calories you burn doubles every half hour based on the information I got. What you do in these activities varies the amount of calories you burn ENJOY! Did you know... ...that the number of calories burned during exercise does depend on the amount of lean muscle – people with more muscle and less fat will burn more calories. ...that to lose a pound of fat from exercise alone means burning about 3,500 extra calories. ...that even eating burns calories. Digesting food burns about 10% of the calories eaten. Prezi Bibliography:
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http://www.kidsexercise.co.uk/fun-facts-how-many-calories-does-exercise-use.html AoI:
I think that this topic relates to Health and social education because exercism and intake of calories is a huge part of growing. I think that people should be aware about how many calories they eat because that just adds on to their weight and other life threatening risks. By Christina Cistulli I also used Google images for all of my pictures
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