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The Etruscans provide Rome with the first kings as well art, religion, and culture

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Jessica Yan

on 13 May 2012

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Transcript of The Etruscans provide Rome with the first kings as well art, religion, and culture

Today you will learn who the Etruscan were and how they have constantly affected and influenced the people of Rome. They have provided Rome with the first kings as well as art, religion, and culture. How do you think this all started out? How did the Romans practice the culture of the Etruscan, and how did they allow the Etruscan to affect them so strongly? Soon, you'll know all of the answers to these curious and similar questions. The Introduction The Etruscan were a very important group that had the most impact on other groups, like the Romans. They dominated the central part of the Italian Peninsula, Etruria, which was north of
Rome against the Italian Peninsula's western coast. The Etruscan were sea people and also miners for copper, tin, lead, silver, and tiron. They have influenced others to follow their own culture too. The Etruscan also had the Greek influence them with human like gods and rituals for divination, but they had unique parts in culture too. Their religion separated human and divine, and religion mattered a lot to them. They built tombs resembling their own houses and gave the old household objects use during afterlife. These people conquered Rome, much of Italy, and Corsica. Who were the Etruscan? How did the Romans start practicing the Etruscan ways? The Latins ruled the seven hills of early Rome. Their neighbors were in the central Italian peninsula, like the Sabine, Sam nites, Campinas, and Vol sci. The Etruscan were a very strong and important group, so they managed to conquer lands such as Rome, plenty of Italy, and Corsica. After they had conquered Rome, they started affecting the people of Rome with their religion. They started providing Rome with Etruscan kings as well as their own religion, culture, and art too. Much of Rome start to develop rapidly and steadily with the help of the Etruscan. Some of the kings were Etruscan too. What did the Romans learn from the Etruscan? The Romans first used books of divination and believed in Lares, household gods, which was also part of the Etruscan religion.
They also used techniques of casting sculptures in bronze that were heroes' life size statues.
The Romans made statues of leaders that were nicely dressed in togas or armors
Statues of gods that were killed were in a similar style but the material the statues had were baked clay
The dome, the arch, and the organized street plans were all influenced by the Etruscan More influences from the Etruscan Rome was ruled by Etruscan kings, since Etruscan cities were ruled by a king
Romans(Latins) inherited the war-like characteristics that the Etruscan had
An aristocracy ruled Etruscan society and controlled government, military, economy, and religion.
The Etruscan set an administrative system for Rome
Etruscan cities formed separate alliances too. The help of the Etruscan The Etruscan built much of Rome, such as buildings, monuments, and the walls of the city
The Etruscan built a lot of important places and sights
Some of the places or things they built were Cloaca Maxima, the walls around the town, and the Temple of Jupiter
The Etruscan set a perfect example for the Romans and trained some of them to be soldiers or warriors Later on When a lot of Etruscan cities formed separate alliances, the Romans, Greeks, and Carthaginians thought that was a threat.
Some Etruscan kings used warrior status to be king, like Tarquin the proud.
Later, when Tarquin's son assaulted a man's wife, Romans started complaining
They protested because they hated the idea of being ruled by powerful kings.
They banished the Etruscan from Rome and never had kings again Comprehension Questions 1. How did the Romans inherit so many habits from the Etruscan?
2. Who were the Etruscan, and who did they conquer?
3. Why did the Romans decide it was time to pull apart from the Etruscan, and end the time of the kings?
4. What were some of the religious practices or cultures the Romans used from the Etruscan?
5. What was the Etruscan alphabet based on? Work Cited Thanks to all of the books and resources I used, I was able to make a wonderful presentation and research. Here are the following resources:
The website, "Facts on File"
The encyclopedia, "World Book" edition E
Once again, I'm grateful for the awesome books and
websites that gave me access to this great information. The Etruscan history of influencing Romans and others
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