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Ellis Island and Angel Island

No description

Morgan King

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Ellis Island and Angel Island

Ellis Island and Angel Island
By: Morgan King

Angel Island
Ellis Island
Angel Island
Ellis Island
opened January 1, 1892.
It was opened as an immigration station for the Europeans.
The island is located in New York Harbor
It closed November 12, 1954.
Angel Island
opened in 1910.
It was opened as an immigration station for the Asians.
The island is located in the San Francisco Bay.
It closed in 1940
Who was the First Immigrant to go through Ellis Island?

Annie Moore was the first to pass through Ellis Island. She came from County Cork, Ireland on the S.S.Nevada with her two younger brothers, Anthony and Phillip and turned 15 years old on the day they arrived at Ellis Island. Her parents had left for America when she was 12 years old and sent for her and her two brothers three years later. She was Catholic and never lived anywhere else in the U.S. but in New York. She got married at age 18 and in 1923 at the age of 47 she died of heart failure.

Immigrants arriving at
Ellis Island
migrated mainly from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Britain, Canada, and Sweden.

Immigrants arriving at
Angel Island
migrated mainly from China, Korea, The Philippines, India and Japan.
An official-looking lady came toward me and said, "Is somebody waiting for you?" I said, "Oh, yes, my relatives, they're waiting for me." And nobody was waiting for me, nobody. I had nobody. Then I saw the officials approaching another man and they asked him, "Are you Jewish?" He said, "Yes." "Anybody waiting for you?" "No." The official said, "Well, we'll take care of you. We have a Hebrew sheltering organization. Come with us, we'll feed you and take care of you until your relatives pick you up."" Then sheepishly I said to the woman who had approached me before, "I lied to you, because of what I've been through in Hungary." She put her hand on my shoulder. She understood. I didn't realize I was free, I wasn't going to be put in prison.

-Endre Bohem, Hungarian, at Ellis Island in 1921, age 20

Ellis Island story
Where did they come from?
Imprisoned in the wooden building day after day,
My freedom withheld; how can I bear to talk about it?
I look to see who is happy but they only sit quietly.
I am anxious and depressed and cannot fall asleep.
The days are long and bottle constantly empty; my sad mood, even so, is not dispelled.
Nights are long and the pillow cold; who can pity my loneliness?
After experiencing such loneliness and sorrow,
Why not just return home and learn to plow the fields?

-Unknown (found carved into the wall of one of the barracks)

Angel Island story
The two writing are similar in many ways. They both talk about what it was like to be an immigrant at that time and also they both describe what they felt when they got there and how they were treated. Also they were both lonely because they had no one they knew with them.
The Ellis Island story is different from the Angel Island story because the tone of it is more happy and cheerful while the Angel Island poem is depressing and sad. Also the Ellis Island one is talking about how the people were nice and wanting to help the immigrants while the Angel Island one is talking about how poorly they were treated and how they wish they had never come over here.
The process of immigration is different today in many ways. For one not all immigrants come here by boat like they did before. Many come by airplane and some drive across the border. Also in the past a good majority of immigrants came from European countries and now they come to this country from all over the world. They also aren't separated by race, religion, or what country they are coming from anymore.
Immigration has caused several problems such as cultural differences, like religion, which not everyone is going to agree with the same religion or any other cultural difference. Not to mention language barriers. This causes problems because they want to come here but then have difficulty learning our language or some simply choose not to learn it at all and then we lose the ability to communicate with each other. Also it's hard to keep a steady supply of jobs for people. With more and more immigrants coming everyday it becomes a struggle to provide jobs for the people already here and the new ones coming as well.
How is Immigration Different Today?
Yes, we still have some of the same problems today. we still have problems with cultural differences, jobs, and language barriers. However, many immigrants today have learned our language and continue trying to better themselves and given the opportunity they go out and work hard just like the rest of us.
Do We Still Have the Same Problems?
Problems caused by Immigration
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