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Environmental Quiz

No description

June Yao

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Environmental Quiz

Environmental Quiz Show
You're DONE!!!!!!
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Question 1
What is the most important organism mentioned in the lecture?
Sea Algae
The answer is......
Question 2
What is the process by which plants make food called?
Question 3
What is the end result of photosynthesis? (1 pt per product)
Oxygen and Glucose
Question 4
Name 5 things we get from plants mentioned in the lecture (1 pt per answer).
Question 5
What is carbon Dioxide?
Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas which animals exhale. It is necessary for plant photosynthesis.
Question 6
What is the main cause of desertification?
deforestation or lacking of vegetation.
Question 7
What are the three types of pollution in the lecture? (1 point each)
Air, Land, and Water Pollution
Question 8
What is pollution?
The introduction of unwanted chemicals or foreign objects to an environment which harms that environment.
Question 9
Every year, the average American will produce _______ lbs of trash.
Every year, the average American produces 3285 lbs of trash. This is the equivalent of a car in weight.
Question 10
What is Global Warming?
The increase in the Earth's Temperature
Question 11
T or F.
Deforestation is caused by animals eating too much of the vegetation.
Deforestation is usually a result of cutting down or burning forests.
Question 12
What does a plant need to perform photosynthesis? (1 pt each).
Carbon Dioxide
Question 13
What kind of pollution does a car make?
Air Pollution from the car emission.
Question 14
How does Recycling help the environment?
Minimizing pollution and reserving resources.
Question 15
What are the main recycling groups mentioned in the lecture? (1 pt for each)
Question 16
T or F
Plants help prevent flooding
Question 17
What is the most important part of the soil?
The Top Layer is the most important for soil restoration.
Question 18
T or F
Getting rid of weeds can help plants in the environment.
Question 19
T or F
You should wash your paintbrushes in the sink.
Question 20
Name 3 things listed in the lecture that contributes to Global Warming. (1 pt each)
Carbon Dioxide
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