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A Foundations conversation

Choudhury & Johnson_BCDCsummer2016 (#BCDCSquadGoals)

Dr. Johnson

on 14 January 2017

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Transcript of A Foundations conversation

Shared Goals
Choudhury and online engagement
Goals to implementation:
Theory in practice
Goals to implementation:
Goal Setting and Motivation
We found that we similarly were motivated by achieving the balance between delivery and understanding.

Goals to implementation continued...
A Foundations conversation
R. Choudhury & J. Johnson

Our goal addressed the question: How do we build an asynchronous environment that promotes the same level of comprehension as the synchronous classroom setting?
1 - Experiential learning (Kolb, 1984)
How will that develop?
How do we address 'problem solving' skills?
Students need to be prepared to make clinical decisions
Students need to determine 'how' to apply caring
2 - Transformative learning (Mezirow, 1997)
Goals to implementation concluded
3 - Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider and Srivastva, 1987)
Application via case study
How can students present what they comprehend?
Student should be able to exhibit critical thinking skills
Incorporation into what's available in the skills lab.
Use of clinical experimental learning
Examining beliefs and attitudes
1 - Including communities of Practice
(Wenger, 2000)
Communities of practice as social learning systems
Sponsors / Members / Facilitators & Leaders
Goals to implementation continued:
2 - Utilize Evaluation framework by Wenger, E., Trayner, B., and de Laat, M. (2011)
Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks
Goals to implementation concluded:
3 - Application of my understanding of Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura, 1986 & 2001)
Observational Learning/Modeling
Outcome Expectations
Perceived Self-efficacy
Goal Setting
Through our conversation, we learned that the motivating factors that drive our shared goals are both attainable and should serve as healthy examples of theory to practice after implementation in active courses.
Ongoing assessment via Action Inquiry
Thank you for viewing
We look forward to your feedback in Slack...
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