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Learning To Love Blogs

Navigate blogs, streamline daily news reading, and tap into the CISPA/school community

Jay Oatway

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Learning To Love Blogs

"I started my
first blog
in 2004." Much Has Changed

The number of blogs has exploded...
as has the number of ways we can share in them And Continues To Evolve:
Tumblr, Facebook Timelines,
Even Instagram...

Leave Comments Help Us Build Community: Taking It To The Next Level... The Amazing Feedly Flipboard
Zite Other Apps Works with: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS How Do We Read All These Blogs? You email inbox is not the ideal place for this stuff. That's Why RSS Feeds Exist.
They Are Everywhere. A single stop for all our news reading... Google Reader 1. Get a Google Account: http://j.mp/newgoogacct 2. Go to http://google.com/reader and sign in 3. Start exploring Google Reader So let's go have a look at how
we setup a Google Reader account 4. Subscribing to school blogs Everytime You Use
Internet Explorer
Domo Kuns Kill
A Kitten Public Service Announcement Links To Everything
In This Prezi: @JayOatway http://j.mp/loveblogs http://cispa.hk/school-blogs/
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