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Riley, Jaimee, and Ariel(:

No description

Ariel Pritchard

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Riley, Jaimee, and Ariel(:

Physical Bullying Has Dropped From 22% to 15% In One Year, But Most Bullying Isn't Physical. Study finds decline in bullying at schools.
By-Jessica Driscoll Even though physical bullying has decreased, other forms of bullying (emotional, cyber, sexual, ect.) have not decreased. Emotional bullying can include exclusion like not being invited to parties or picked for teams. Cyber bullying has become an increasing problem as children and teens' have more access to the internet and as social networking sites grow. Authors purpose of writing this article. This article refers to the incidence of physical bullying, but it doesn't seem to take into account cyber, emotional, sexual, and other forms of bullying. From the work the author is doing, she sees no drop in those types of harassment. NJCAP promotes anti-bullying as a community-base issue that can be only solved with cooperation from parents, schools, and other figures in the community. Now what? If we see any types of bullying, we can stop it, and/or notify a parent or the school about it before it gets serious. http://www.flickr.com/photos/omgitztrey/4175470219/in/photostream/ Source!
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