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Kenneth MDP


kenneth orsie

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Kenneth MDP

Earthquakes Kenneth Orsie II 7-204 Hello.My name is Kenneth Orsie II and im goin to talk about earthquakes Many earthquakes happen yearly.But now we know how to measure them.All thanks to Charles Richter. Charles Richter shown in the picture invented the Richter scale in 1934.It is still used to measure earthquakes today. There have been many historic earthquakes in the past.Like in 1556 the Shaanxi earthquakes kill 830,000 people.I can only show you the deformation of what the earthquake did. Since there was no pictures back then. One of the most recent earthquakes was in Haiti.The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.0. The earthquake in Haiti killed about 250,000 people in the quake. One of the most recent earthquakes was in chile.The magnitude was a 8.8 but only 497 deaths were confirmed in the quake. Earthquakes occcur on fault lines.They occur when the lines collide or rub together which makes the ground shake. They are caused when giant blocks of rock that make up the earths are moved by plate tectonics. That is how earthquakes can be measured, how they are caused, and the details of some historic earthquakes in the past and present. Thank you.
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