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01.02 Psychology Applied

No description

Alyssa Smith

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of 01.02 Psychology Applied

01.02 Psychology Applied
Include at least three examples of how psychology benefits society and improves people’s lives
identify the subfields of psychology that relate to your chosen examples
include at least one link to a source of additional information on a subfield or chosen example
clearly present the information in an eye-catching visual format
how psychology benefits society and improves people’s lives:
Health psychology -
Health psychology helps society and peoples lives by seeking to understand a persons health and emotions to help them seek happiness.
Education psychology -
Education psychology helps society and peoples lives by developing theories about teaching and learning.
Positive psychology -
Positive psychology helps society and peoples lives by trying to help people who have went though a traumatic event, they try and help them stay positive, strength and success.
Subfields of psychology:
Clinical Psychology -
Clinical psychology goes with Health psychology. Clinical psychology help and treat people with psychological disorders.
Developmental Psychology -
Developmental psychology goes with Positive psychology. Developmental psychology help people grow and change physically, mentally, and emotionally.
School Psychology -
School psychology goes with Education psychology. School psychology works with educators and families to address concerns at school.
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