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Academic Anxiety

No description

Alex Theisen

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Academic Anxiety

Academic Anxiety Definition-
It is the feeling of being distressed, fearful, or stressed out as a result of school pressures. WHAT IS ACADEMIC ANXIETY? There are disruptive thought patterns and physiological responses and behaviors that follow from concern about the possibility of an unacceptably poor performance on an academic test or anything academically based. Description The Amygdala (almond-shaped part of the brain), controls fear and aggression, releases epinephrine, and makes your heart rate increase. Warning Signs!!! Visible Signs... -trembling hands
-physical weakness during a test
-blaming yourself for non-existent errors
-clock-watching during exams Non-Visible Signs... -getting flustered during an exam
-forgetting information you knew
-escape from studying
-muscle tightness WHO IT AFFECTS?!?! EVERYONE! SOLUTIONS... Schools all over the U.S. are taking action against this nation wide academic issue. Schools are either banning homework altogether or lightening the load on students with homework. Most schools are starting to ban homework over holiday breaks. Schools and parents are realizing how much pressure is really being put upon these kids and how it's affecting them physically, emotionally, and mentally. What can we do to improve this social problem? To make a change and help with academic anxiety you can start a petition in your school to help lighten the load of homework. Academic anxiety is taking harsh pressures on students to academically succeed and learn.
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