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Exploratory Play

No description

Emily Watterson

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Exploratory Play

Emily Watterson & Tamara Gurrola Exploratory Play What is Exploratory Play? There are different types of play, but in exploratory play children are finding out about objects- their properties, what happens when they are manipulated, what they represent, and how they can be used creatively. Babies and children explore the physical environment around them with smell, sight, sound, touch and taste. In this type of play children tinker with objects to self-discover their uses and functions. A huge part of this type of play is trial and error, which is a powerful and imperative way to learn.

Examples of exploratory play could include:
Taking things apart
Going on adventures
Exploring new areas of the house or neighborhood Ages For Exploratory Engagement Exploratory play never ends. And while it's universal, it's important that the toys and objects the child explores are age appropriate and fit the child's cognitive and developmental stage. Benefits of Exploratory Play Exploratory play immerses children in
complex experiences and enables them
to be aware of their emotions and thoughts, without feeling pressure to achieve.
Children will use water, magnets, sand
and magnifying glasses - to name but
a few - to explore and discover the
"why" and "how" of the world. Emily & Tamara
are the coolest
seniorzz evaa wutup A child's discovery
of how things work
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