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Two Different Classrooms, One Common Language - NCLRC LTE 2013

National Capital Language Resource Center Eighth International Conference on Language Teacher Education - June 1st 2013

Cécilia Dickson

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Two Different Classrooms, One Common Language - NCLRC LTE 2013

Two Different Classrooms,
One Common Language Cecilia Dickson & Nellie Thompson Sligo Creek Elementary School
Montgomery County Public Schools, MD Sligo Creek
Elementary School K-5 School
1 Coordinator
12 French Immersion teachers
1 Reading initiative teacher
2 Classroom assistants
France, Belgium, Iran, United States Teacher Certification Process FRANCE Master's
Year 1 Master's
Year 2 License 3 Years
Program of Choice (not necessarily education) 1 Internship each semester
2 weeks long
Observation only
End-of-year written exam Internship
9 hours/week
Field experience
Take over principal's class
Attend classes
End-of-year oral exam
Valid for 1 year Internship
Year Probationary year
Placed in a school
Observed by teacher educator
Paid French Immersion Program Interns Immersion Program French System METHODOLOGY / PEDAGOGY
Attention to student reasoning
Lots of student engagement
Students help each other
Individualized student support
Brainstorming strategies
Extra work
Morning work for review
Group work
Emphasis on oral language CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT
Posters on the walls
Eating in class
Bathroom/water breaks
Repetitive schedule
Kid-friendly schedule
Table groups
Motivation system
Assigned classroom responsibilities DISCIPLINE
Less strict
Behavior system
Hand clapping to get attention PLANNING
Weekly planning
General daily lesson planning
More planning time (specials classes)
Lots of teacher collaboration SCHOOL CONTEXT
Shorter school day
More parental involvement and support
More student support (special education)
Specials classes (Art, Music, PE)
Less time for lunch and recess
Pledge of allegiance (God)
Student involvement in the school (SGA)
Less subjects to teach OBSERVATIONS
More time on handwriting and neatness
More grammar instruction
Nationalized curriculum
More cultural background introduced with books
Yearly objectives - more vague
Writing in cursive and in pen
"Traces ecrites" - notes
Discipline strict - however, not sure if that is better or not
Need more methods courses Reflections "I hope to find more of the same teacher collaboration in the future." "It's important to be exposed to a different mentality." "This was a unique, enriching experience." "It's important to be open to new experiences, without filtering everything through French eyes." "This gave me confidence as a teacher." "The internship helped me develop my English skills." "This experience gave me the courage and confidence I needed, that I am on the right track." Internship
Perspectives Host Teachers French was spoken by someone other than the homeroom teacher
Intern was able to make progress and take charge of the class
Grammar tips (i for imparfait, r for future)
New songs
Being able to observe and evaluate the progress of students
Discussion about how to meet the needs of a particular student in the class
Needing to be "on top of things" to model good teaching strategies
Comparing the 2 educational systems Interns with no experience with kids or standing in front of the class
Limited knowledge of certain topics (fractions)
Expectations for the internship - unclear
Interns in their 2nd year of the Master's have more experience
Attitude toward the internship and personality impact the success of the experience Changes Advantages Reflections "I think that she lacked self-confidence but I think it's because of how [they] are trained in France" "I think that personally their internship is too short" "My intern was really surprised and impressed by how the students freely expressed their emotions and went to hug her." "I'm glad my intern was able to see group work because that is not how [they] do it over there." "Both of my interns were enthusiastic about their experience in my class. I still keep in touch with them. They were excited about a different educational system and a new country" "My intern needed to accept the fact their grammar is far from perfect in 1st grade." "She had a lot of trouble presenting a lesson to kids who's first language is not French" "She was very surprised that we covered statistics in 5th grade" "I think that in order for the interns to fully benefit from this internship and be able to effectively compare both systems, they need a bit of experience in the classroom." Lots of work for teachers
No returns for the teachers (interns did not participate) Training Process Selection Process Structure Internship Program
Looking Ahead Length of internship
Classroom experience
Cultural experience
Scheduling the internship
Fall vs spring
Interns' exams
School schedule (testing) 1st year interns vs 2nd year interns
Classroom experience
Confidence level
Pedagogical training
Host family selection
Personality/attitude of interns Expectations for the interns
What they will do
Acceptable/inacceptable behaviors
Level of participation
Host families
Expectations for the host families
Cultural differences
Expectations for the host teachers
Role of the intern
Mentoring vs assisting "It was a very comprehensive experience in a very different educational setting but just as effective as ours." Next Year Internship Program 4 French interns
4 Weeks
4 - 6 French Immersion host teachers
Host families
Observe, participate and visit classrooms
Visit other schools
Travel around the region "My teacher was really approachable." Cecilia_Dickson@mcpsmd.org Nellie_J_Thompson@mcpsmd.org
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