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Case: Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa

No description

Joris de Vocht

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Case: Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa

COMPANY OF IOWA Current System Increased training funding for employees.
Cross-trained employees
Improved equipment & time usage Assumptions Decrease throughput time
Create more jobs
Efficiently use equipment and time
Satisfy customers Benefits of the New JIT System Case Summary MICI >2500 Claims <2500 Claims
Processed Total processing time 10 weeks 10 days Actual work/claim
seldom >3h Worker 1 Worker 2 Worker 3 Worker 4 Worker 5 Worker 6 Customer Claim Arrives for Processing Customer Claim Processed and Notice or Check Sent Accounting Department Customer Claim Approval Department Customer Claim Entry Department Just-In-Time Approach Routing Routing Routing Routing Routing Routing Routing Attributes of the Claims Processing System after JIT System New JIT System Belief that waste can be eliminated by cutting unnecessary capacity or inventory and removing non-value-added activities in operations. Customer Claim Enters the System Motion
Underutilization Overproduction
Inappropriate processing
Transportation Different types of waste: Claim Entry Dept Worker Claim Entry Dept Worker Accounting Dept Worker Accounting Dept Worker Customer Claim Approval Dept Worker Customer Claim Approval Dept Worker Routing can change depending on bottlenecks Higher employee responsibilities
Better work atmosphere
Floor space optimized
Faster throughput Customer Claim Processed and Notice or Check Sent Less WIP
Save time
Higher Accuracy
Higher quality hank you for your attention __ Amaury de Francquen I6015942
Brooke Robinson I6063905
Joris de Vocht I6065096 Routing Cross Functional Routing
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