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Welcome to MDF Training & Consultancy Head Office

Prezi for course openings at MDF Head Office (english)

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Transcript of Welcome to MDF Training & Consultancy Head Office

• Project & programme management
• Monitoring, evaluation & learning
• Results-based management & MfDR
• European Commission procedures
• Gender & diversity
• Outcome mapping

Welcome to MDF Training & Consultancy
MDF Head Office, the Netherlands

Leadership Skills
People management skills
Personal Effectiveness
Team Building
Facilitation competencies
Training of Trainers
Organisational analysis & development
Knowledge management
HRM systems
Change Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Strengthening educational institutes
Institutional development
Strengthening alliances & networks
Advocacy & Policy Influencing
Multi-stakeholder processes
Public-private partnerships
Cross cultural collaboration
MDF Training & Consultancy started as 'Management for Development Foundation' in 1984 with one course on "Project Management".
"Improved management leads to better and more sustainable results from which societies will benefit."
With 30 years of experience we offer a solid service package including:
Open entry
Tailor made
Project Management
"Did you know we offered more than 200 open entry courses in 2015?
... and delivered consultancy services in more than 50 countries within the same year?"
"With 10 offices all over the world,
clients tap into a worldwide network."
What characterises our clients is that they all actively contribute to a sustainable development of our societies
"As we have years of experience on all work levels and sectors, we know how to translate policies to practice and vice versa"
"We are pleased that open-entry participants rate us with a global average of 3.3 out of 4 and consultancy clients with 3.4 out of 4 (2013)"
"Improved management leads to better and more sustainable results from which societies will benefit."
World wide scope
Many local learning events and exposure visits
Each year 50 nationalities join our training courses
Results-Oriented Projects & Programmes
Competent Professionals
Learning Organisations
High-performing partnerships
MDF Head Office
MDF Brussels
EU office
Acquisition and management
EU external action programmes
Experts on EU procurement procedures and grants

MDF Latin America
bienvenido a
welcome to
bienvenue à
Private Sector Development
Project Management
MDF West Africa
MDF Afrique Centrale
bienvenue à
Results-Based Monitoring
Regional Trade
Human Resource Policies
Project Evaluations
welcome to
MDF Eastern & Southern Africa
Disaster & Risk Reduction
Services in Sinhala & Tamil
Program evaluations & KAP Studies
M & E consultancy
Personal effectiveness & leadership
Strategic team facilitation
Curriculum development
MDF South Asia
welcome to
Personal skills
MDF Indochina
hoan nghênh
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cross-Sector Partnerships
Domestic Support & Fundraising
Public Speaking & Presentation skills
MDF Pacific Indonesia
selamat datang
Latin America
West Africa
Afrique Centrale
Eastern & Southern Africa
South Asia
Pacific Indonesia
Head Office
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