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Markstrat Final Report

No description

Tiffany Rennick

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Markstrat Final Report

Phases 1-4 Phases 5-6 Phases 7 and 8 Need to include: Recommendation for what your company should do next What you learned from game What you liked and think could be improved about the game Don't give a period by period description of what you did Focus on insights gained by playing the game and the thought behind your decisions SONY failed to target Singles or Buffs Decided to go different direction with SOYA Last phase decided to be more strategic Research makes the difference Changes to the game Real business world information More background influencers. Real world trends, environment, societal changes MARKSTRAT Carefully observe the competition Pays to innovate! Application - Comm 365 Designing new products - if have a neutral utitlity about a certain aspect (Max Freq), then can use the lowest quality components and save money Questions? Initial Strategy: Steady Stock
Vanilla Coca-Cola and our Sodite Products vista too far from consumers desires Tried to be like Windows 7 needed a resurgent product Let Competitors get too far ahead Customer Impression needed to get customers going Result of inaction Results of Decision 5 - Modification of Sony we went for in the middle of two market segments... completely flopped Sony, Sono, and Sold Misses TEAM O First-mover advantage Need cash cows to get a star niche strategy by competitors Practice round: targeted,
took chances Careful, minimize cost "Localised"
are more
effective than
strategies Phases 1-4 Phases 5 and 6 Phases 7 and 8 Aimed to hit the bullseye Bad Idea... Have to have more leeway Practice with introduction
of new brands Didn't work New product failure led to inventory pile up Pricing: base cost too high
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