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Black Lives Matter Vs. Civil Rights Movement: Similar or Different

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Kevin Do

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Black Lives Matter Vs. Civil Rights Movement: Similar or Different

Civil Rights Movement Vs. Black Lives Matter Movement: Similar Or Different
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Background of Civil Right Movement
Started out as a hash tag in 2012 when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch man George Zimmerman.
A chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.
The black community believed that, George Zimmerman was not held accountable for the crime he committed.
It started as a belief that the police were specifically targeting black people but later moved on to many more topics

Background Of Black Lives Matter
Why They Are Similar
By Kyle Epstein and Kevin Do
How They Seem Different but Aren't
The Purpose of the Black Lives Matter Movement
The Civil Rights Movement got into full swing after the Supreme Court's Decision of the Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka Case
The Court's decision was unanimous and ruled that "separate but equal" schools violated the Constitution under the 14th Amendment; this allowed Blacks and Whites to be integrated into the same schools
This forced schools all across the country to integrate students, whether they are black or white, into the same schools
Some of the South had firm views on Blacks not being allowed with Whites in the same school
There was usually violent confrontation and this ran from 1954 to 1968
Protests were led by a young minister, Martin Luther King Jr.
Campaign Zero is a huge part of the black lives matter movement.
This campaign is all about ending police violence and discrimination against African-Americans.
They are also trying to put a stop to the unequal education between whites and blacks
They also want equality with safe and affordable housing
or issues with food security.
They are not happy with the general unequality in the US.
Both movements blew up after a major court case whether it was Brown vs. Board of Education or the Trayvon Martin case.
Both of the movements were demonstrated by protests against the government and authority
Both of these movements were heavily portrayed to the public with the use of media. The Civil Rights Movement used newspapers while the Black Lives Matter Movement spread through the use of Social Media
Both of these movements dealt with heavy police brutality
The Purpose of the Civil Rights Movement
Some believe that The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter Movement are totally different because the Civil Rights Movement focused mainly on equality amongst Blacks and Whites, while the Black Lives Matter Movement is focuses in on police brutality against blacks in the US
The reason they believe this is because of Campaign Zero and how focused they seem on the George Zimmerman and Michael Brown case
This is not the case however. The Black Lives Matter Movement is also supportive for equal rights
For example, there are similarities between the Brown vs Board of Education and the Court Case that went on right here in Connecticut, Sheff vs. O'Neil.
The Sheff Vs. O'Neil case was about desegregating schools in Connecticut that was re-ruled later on and was part of the cause of the redistricting in our town and other towns in Connecticut.
Even though the case did happen before the whole blowing up of Black Lives Matter it has been looked at more and new cases have risen because of the on going movement.
The purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was for African Americans to gain equal rights in America and they felt as if skin color shouldn't differentiate how they should be treated
Blacks fought against the government and authority, mainly in the South, to combat against racism, prejudice, and segregation
Blacks held protests and boycotted to demonstrate their frustration towards these rules that were upheld by the government
Stance on This Argument
One can say that both of these movements are vastly similar due to their influence across the country and how they made such an impact to society.
Even though there are minor differences between the two, the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Civil Rights Movements contains mainly similarities that connect them both together.
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