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E market places and portals

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Charunie Rathnayake

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of E market places and portals

e market places & portals
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
An e-market?
is a virtual marketplace in which sellers and buyers meet and conduct different types of transactions.

e-markets facilitate
matching of buyers to sellers
exchange of information/ goods/ services/ payments
legal and regulatory framework

e markets VS physical marketplaces
more efficient
provides more updated information to the buyers and sellers
Components and participants
Types of e-marketplaces
e- marketplace:
place where many vendors compete and shoppers look for bargains and are expected to negotiate prices
Shortens buying cycle
24 hr service

Benefits for the buyer
Updated information on price and availability
convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source
Established e-marketplaces provide a level of trust

Benefits for the seller
Regular requests for quotations from both new and current customers are possible.
provides an additional sales channel
reduced marketing costs

The marketplace infrastructure includes electronic networks, hardware, software and more

Front End
Back end
goods that can be transformed to digital format and delivered over the internet
portion of an e-sellers business process through which customers interact, including the, sellers portal, e catalogs, a shopping cart, Search Engine, Auction engine, Payment Gateway
all the activities related to order aggregation and fulfillment, inventory management, purchasing from suppliers, accounting and finance, insurance payment processing, packaging and delivery are done.
Intermediaries: 3rd party operates between buyers and sellers. online intermediaries create and manage the online markets. they help match buyers and sellers, provide infrastructure services. Most intermediaries work as computer systems
other business partners use the internet to collaborate along the supply chain.
ex: Shippers
Types of e market places
Store Fronts
internet malls
An online shopping center where many online stores are located
aggregates local products and stores
Business Directories
ex: ShaLanka.Biz
storefronts may belong to a
an individual selling from home
single company's website where products or services are sold.

storefront include several mechanisms necessary for conducting the sale
e- catalog
search engine
e-auction facilities
payment gateway
shipment court
customer services
Specialized Stores
ex: niwasa.com, buyonline.lk, riyasewana.lk
Regional Vs Global stores
Support Services: ex: Security services to content
Public (exchanges)
owned and/ or managed by an independent 3rd party or by a group of companies, called a consortium
open to public regulated by the government/ the exchange owner
provides auctions, requests for quotations and other features

Achieved through e-procurement software
Private Stores on Sellers' site

One seller
Many buyers

Cisco, Dell

Few Products
Independent Industry
Many sellers
Many buyers


Offer Auctions
Dynamic Pricing
Consortia Sponsored
Few buyers
Many Sellers


Buyer control
Fixed Procing
Private Company
One buyer
May sellers

United Technologies

Sellers bid on major Buyers' business
Few Sellers
Many Buyers


Catalog based
Safety information
Product usage details
physical goods
Customer portals

Electronic Commerce 2008 (Electronic Commerce) by Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Dave KIng and Judy McKay (Oct 19, 2007)




Large eMalls ex: Wow.lk
Automotive industry
Aerospace industry
Hotel industry
Customer packaged industry
Commercial portals

offer content for diverse communities
for broad audiences
can be customized
routine content some in real time (yahoo, MSN)
Publishing portals
intended for communities with specific interests.
provides interactive capability
search features
personal portals
narrow content
nearly personalized
target specific
filtered information for individuals
mobile portals
voice portals
provides organized access to rich content within narrow corporate and partners communities
Corporate Portals/ Enterprise portals
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