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Costa Rica :)

No description

Kandrel Peeples

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Costa Rica :)

Costa Ricans decorate thier homes with Christmas trees and Nativity scenes.
Costa Ricans use"air kisses" as a form of greeting each other
The "Rich Coast "

In order to get around, Costa Ricans travel by car, but it is not preferred since the roads are full of potholes and the rural intersections are unmarked. The most common way of travel in Costa Rica is by bus because it is the most economical, however, people travel by thumb in order to get to remote regions.

94% of the the population have a Spanish descent
3% of the population is black ( most have Jamaican descent)
1% of the population is Chinese
1% of the population is Amerindian
1% of the population have another descent.
Chayotes rellenos- stuffed with cheese, eggs, butter, and breadcrumbs, covered with butter and breadcrumbs
Lunch is served around noon & supper is early evening
There is an extra meal during the afternoon
"Coffee time"- taking a break to relax and chat w/ friends&family
Fish is a huge part of their food supply
Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion of Costa Rica,
however there is freedom for other religions. Most people in Costa Rica, if not Catholic, have no religion at all.
A lot of Costa Rica's population considers themselves to be Roman Catholic; however only
few are fully committed
to Roman Catholicism. While others are parts of other religions, or do not participate in religious practices.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit what is now Costa Rica in 1502. September 1821, Costa Rica declared its independence from Spain. 1822 is when it became part of the First Mexican Empire. Once the empire collapsed in 1823, Costa Rica joined w/ El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua to form the United Provinces of Central America.
Interesting Facts

National dish: Gallo Pinto
rice and beans stir fried together; usually served for breakfast along w/ scrambled or fried eggs and sour cream or cheese
Presented by: Spanish 2, period 8

Costa Rica is home to a multitude of wildlife ...
The average life expectancy of 77 years is one of the highest in the world.
They claim a 96% literacy rate. In very poor and rural areas, where children can’t get to schools, they teach classes over a national radio station.
The average Tico makes $6,000 a year and the average wage labor is $10 per day, the highest in Central America.

Costa Rica has no standing army. It was constitutionally abolished in 1949.
The people of Costa Rica
love to go on trips like Aerial Trams, caving, canopy tours, bungee jumping, and more. They go on different type of tours that are exciting to the like adventure tours where they go and venture off into Costa Rica's rain forests and

Music is everywhere streets, homes, resturants, bars, discos, and theaters. There are many different type of genres. Such as central valley, reggae, jazz, tropical etc. For dancing there is salsa, cumbia, and bolero.
Costa Rica is known to have a variety of free private schools. All citizens must have an education by law. Their literacy rate is one of the highest of all Latin American countries. For youth between the ages of 15-24 have a literacy rate of 98%.
Costa Rica is a democratic republic that is governed by Luis Guillermo Solís . Its government consisted of three branches of govenment :Executive,Judicial,Legislative
Costa Rica was once rulled by Spain in the I6th century but on September 15, 1821 they gained their independence from spain .
When it comes to its history one of its important events was the eruption of the Arenal volcano in 1960 that killed 87 people,affected more then 232 square kil of land and buried three villiges(Tubacon,Pueblo Nuevo,San Luis) under ash and rock. Even though it caused alot of damage it is still considered one of Costa Ricas extravagant tourist trap.
If people were to see even more of Costa Ricas tourist traps then they would have to purchase plane tickets to San José.

Blue represents the sky: The limit of opportunities you have, intellectual thinking, eternity, along with religious ideals.
White represents Purity: Clear Thinking, wisdom, power, natural beauty, and peace.
Red represents love: The warmth of the people along with the bloodshed fighting for freedom and the blood that I will shed head.
If you wanted to travel to the wonderful and beautiful land of costa rica you might want to know what to expect some things you might see are:
rivers that stretch all throughout the land
native trees
rugged moutains
costa rica shares a border with two countries Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The land is surronded by the Pacific ocean and the Carribean sea
costa rica is 19,700 squaremiles but to give you a perspective the U.S is 3.5 million squre miles compared to the U.S
if you ever want to visit costa rica of course dress warm since the average temp is 75 to 81 degrees f. while your out there the most visited spot is ther arenal volcano visitation spot where you can waterraft hike or hang out next to a volcano! the people use the land for farming and tourism so you'll be welcome as a freind.

Cuisine Table Manners
If you are offered food, or someone orders for you,
it's important to accept the food and eat it. It's considered rude to refuse food from friends and hosts and expect to cause offense if you wave away a dish for any reason less than severe allergies.
When eating food your hands should be kept above the table; you can use your hands to eat if the meal is informal. Talking with your mouth full and having side conversations when someone is talking to you during meal time is disrespectful and impolite. Typically Costa Ricans eat with forks and knives.

Houses in Costa Rica all look the same. Most have about 1-3 bedrooms
Green Sea Turtle...
Leather Back Sea Turtles
Other species of animals include the..

Scarlet Macaw
Costa Rica is also home to over 70 species of reptiles, to name a couple...
Semana Santa better known as Holy Week (beginning either at the end of March or early April) is an traditional holiday in which residents celebrate with parades that display the last supper the revival of Jesus. The beach towns become overcrowded, and hotels are completely booked months in advance. The traditional costume for women consists of a sleeveless dress with thick ruffles on the shoulders with the top of the dress normally being white and a skirt that is usually shiny and stitched with a variety of vibrant colors. For men they usually wear a plain white top, a bright red cummerbund around their waist, and black, tan or brown pants, despite the warm weather. Costa Rica is the nation of theater lovers. Supposedly, Costa Rica has more theater companies per capita than any other country in the world. Drama is now an established part of the standard school curriculum.Costa Rica's artisans are skilled at manipulating almost any material. In Costa Rica it is common to say hello and goodbye to friends and acquaintances with a light kiss on the cheek – or an air kiss accompanied by a kissing sound. Note that women kiss women and women kiss men, but men do not kiss men;
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