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PPIA Information Session

For Prospective PPIA Applicants

Ursela Knezevic

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of PPIA Information Session

PPIA Curriculum and Benefits Curriculum Welcome and PPIA Overview Welcome and PPIA Overview
Program Curriculum and Benefits
What We Look for in PPIA Applicants
Application Procedure
PPIA Alumni Panel
Q&A Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines PPIA Application Process 101 Application Requirements

Application Procedure

Letters of Recommendation Your PPIA Application- Personal Statements Date
Time Public Policy & International Affairs (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute Program
Information Session AGENDA What is Public Policy?

The PPIA program is a national fellowship program that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for graduate studies and ultimately careers in public policy, international affairs and law. Public Policy and PPIA Program International Organizations

Federal Government

State and Local Government



Private Sector Corporations/ Consulting Firms A: Open the Door to Versatile Career Opportunities...
Four PPIA Junior Summer Institute Locations

UC Berkeley
University of Michigan
Carnegie Mellon

UC Berkeley Law (UCPPIA Fellows)- Only at UC Berkeley PPIA Program Fellows take 3 core courses:

Policy Analysis and Communication
Quantitative Analysis

A few things to note:

NO prior experience/coursework in these subjects required

UC Berkeley PPIA offers these courses for academic credit -- can receive up to 9 units of course credit PPIA Curriculum- Core Courses PPIA Program Schedule and Academic Commitment Room and board for PPIA summer program

University meal plan

Books and summer stipend

Graduate School Fellowship: A minimum of $5000 fellowship if admitted to a PPIA consortium graduate program
(**Law Fellows- also receive $5000 if accepted to UC Berkeley Law)

Graduate School application fee waivers from consortium member schools PPIA Fellowship Benefits Alumni network, Professional Development & Networking Opportunities

Assistance with travel expenses may be available
PPIA Fellowship Benefits What we look for:
Students with an abiding commitment to public service
Students who contribute to more diverse perspectives in public policy and international affairs
Demonstrated academic or personal growth in spite of difficult learning and/or living environments
Potential to succeed at a UC graduate program or PPIA consortium school program in public policy, public administration and/or international affairs Must demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in public service (e.g. gov’t, non-profit, advocacy, humanitarian, international organizations…)
Must contribute to diversity of perspectives
Economic need is given consideration
ALL majors encouraged to apply The Bottom Line... U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident

Complete junior year of college by the start of the PPIA -- one full semester or two quarters of coursework remaining before graduation

Demonstrated interest in policy issues most affecting historically underserved populations including (but not limited to) the African American, API and South Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern/Arab, Latino/a & LGBT communities

Show commitment to working on these issues as demonstrated by past and/or current service PPIA Application Requirements Step 1: Complete the 2014 Online Application – ASAP!
See handout of sample application

Step 2: Submit names and contact information for your letters of recommendation – ASAP!

Deadline for uploading letters of recommendation is November 1, 2012 (11:59pm PST) – NO EXCEPTIONS! PPIA Application Steps...
Your letters of recommendation should evaluate your general qualifications, academic aptitude, commitment to public service and potential to succeed in a rigorous, graduate level academic setting

1st LETTER: from someone familiar with your education (e.g. a professor)

2nd LETTER: from someone familiar with your public service activities or interests

NOTE: Recommenders submit their letters via the online application system Letters of Recommendation
Provide the following recommender information (see application handout):

First name
Last name
Email address
Submission deadline: November 1, 2012 (11:59pm PST) CONTINUED: Letters of Recommendation

Information we need... Upload the following application materials by November 1, 2012:

A multiple part personal statement

A copy of your current resume

Unofficial academic transcripts from all of the colleges and universities that you have attended and listed on the application

Student Aid Report (SAR) and a copy of your financial aid award letter for 2012-2013 or parent/guardian’s tax forms if you are not receiving financial aid Supplemental Application Materials Part I: Statement of up to 2 double-spaced pages describing:

Your public service career goals

How your background has influenced those goals – you may include family, community, education, obstacles that you have overcome and other relevant life and work experiences

How participating in a PPIA Junior Summer Institute will help you achieve those goals PPIA Personal Statement- part I Part II: Brief statement, approximately ½ page, double-spaced, answering the following:

PPIA strives to cultivate the development of future leaders equipped to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds in a multicultural society.

What experiences will you bring to this program that will enable your fellow participants to have a fuller understanding of your commitment to public service, cross-cultural and social issues? PPIA Personal Statement- part II Part III: Required ONLY if you are applying to Berkeley

Brief statement, approximately 1 page, double-spaced, addressing the following:
Your experience working with diverse communities, particularly African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino/as, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders PPIA Personal Statement- part III

Submit online PPIA application with UCPPIA Law Fellowship at UC Berkeley as one of your choices.
Submit brief statement, approximately 1 page, double-spaced, about the following:
Your interests in wanting to pursue joint degrees in law and public policy, what skills you would be seeking to acquire, and how you will apply such skills to further your public service career goals. PPIA Personal Statement- part IV Want to know more about the other JSIs?
Contact us!! Antoinnae Comeaux– Berkeley PPIA ’08
(UC Berkeley ‘09 & MPP ‘14)

Sydney Fang– Berkeley PPIA ‘12
(UC Berkeley ‘13)

Prabhdeep Kehal– University of Michigan PPIA ‘12
(UC Berkeley ‘13) PPIA Alumni Panelists Questions? Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley Ursela Knezevic Q: What can a degree or experience in public policy do for me? Benefits Criteria and Guidelines Wrap Up & Alumni Panel Sample PPIA Weekly Schedule For a list of consortium schools:
http://www.ppiaprogram.org/consortium/index.php?viewer=list Deadline for uploading letters of recommendation is November 1, 2012 (11:59pm PST) – NO EXCEPTIONS!
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