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Bill Idea

No description

Dalia Reyna

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Bill Idea

Minors and Abortion In California What is abortion? Problems with California Abortion Laws Concerning Minors Solutions/ Conclusions California Law Parents are not to be notified if a minor has an abortion but parental consent is needed for a minor to take any form of medication. A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent. (American Academy of Pediatrics v. Lungren 16 Cal. 4th 307 (1997) ). Minors may seek school assisted abortion without the consent of parents. Minor may not be mature enough to vote and yet allowed to consent to terminate another life? School Assisted Abortions A minor makes an appointment with a school counselor or the school's nurse and tells the counselor or nurse that she is pregnant. The minor is immediately given a pamphlet outlining her rights in this regard. The counselor assures her that nobody will be notified of the abortion and the counselor makes the arrangements, including transportation. The counselor further excuses the absence from school without any notice to the parents, as if the student had been in class the entire day. The governing board of each school district shall, each academic year, notify pupils in grades 7 to 12, and the parents or guardians of all pupils enrolled in the district, that school authorities may excuse any pupil from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the pupil's parent or guardian." (Cal. Educ. Code Section 46010.1). Public school officials have the authority to excuse a pupil from regularly scheduled classes to obtain medical services for which they may legally consent, including abortion, without notification to a parent of guardian. (Ops.Atty.Gen. 244 (7-28-83)). California has rejected propositions three times that allows parents to be notified of a minor's consideration for abortion yet bans minors from using tanning beds. The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. Finances Involving Abortion Statistics This bill will focus on the requirement for parental consent prior to a minor receiving an abortion and for parental consent on school assisted abortions. As part of the parental consent, parents will only be notified of their daughter's decision and whether that decision will affect her health in any way. Parents should have the right to know about their daughter's decisions because she may not be mature enough to make the decision on her own. No government law should tell parents what right they do not have to know about their daughter's choice. 35 states require parental consent. States like Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and West Virginia, give parents notification, but do not require consent. Bill Idea If parents are notified, they will know what kind of person their daughter is and their financial status and will decide whether the daughter should have the abortion. Abortion 45%, less than half of the minors receiving abortions consult their parents. If parent consent for an abortion presents harm for the minor she may petition for a judicial bypass procedure not to inform parents about her intent for an abortion. "Most schools won’t even give a child an aspirin without a parent’s approval. That is because parents know their child’s medical history, and as a society we hold parents responsible for protecting their children’s health.”Steven Ertelt According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention a legal induced abortion is defined as an intervention performed by a licensed clinician that is intended to terminate an ongoing pregnancy. Minors are prohibited from consuming alcohol, tobacco and voting until they are 18 and 21 respectively yet there is no age minimum for a minor to have an abortion. Over 750,000 teenagers become pregnant every year. 80% of those end in abortion. Out of all the women who receive abortions 20% were age 19 or younger The Hyde Amendment banned Medicaid coverage of abortion and is the only medical procedure that has ever been banned from Medicaid except in limited cases. Medicaid covers abortion in 15 states in the U.S. California being one of the fifteen states. An abortion costs about $300–$950 in the first trimester According to Planned Parenthood: "the cost at health centers ranges from about $300 to $950 for abortion in the first trimester. The cost is usually more for a second-trimester abortion. Costs vary depending on how long you've been pregnant and where you go. Hospitals generally cost more." http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/sfaa/california.html
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