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Origin of Consumerism

No description

Lilly Chieu

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Origin of Consumerism

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What is Consumerism?
is the concept that an ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy.
A Change in Perspective
We've developed a habit to value our possessions less due to the fact we live in a first world country where we are spoiled with an endless supply of resources and products.

Consequences of Consumerism
Annually, 1.2 to 2 billion tons of the world's produce is thrown away.

Canada and the United States consist of only 5.2% of the world’s population, together, in total we consume approximately 31.5% of the world's products.
"There is enough on earth for everybody's need, but not for everyone's greed." -Ghandi
- put consumers under constant criticism and degradation of their self-esteem because advertisements proclaim we are nothing without this product.

- robbed individuals of their common sense to think that we must shop to regain our happiness.

-promise that the product will bring power, fame, health, and other aspects that puts them above others.

- include incentives with purchase such as additional products or receive two products for the price of one

- use celebrities to endorse their products in hopes of starting a trend

- re-using the same ads, making them repetitive to the average eye. This tactic may cause the item to be well-known, and popular
It is also the belief that the act of spending a lot of money on goods and services is excellent.
Rather than
having the mindset that
we can easily replace products...
Why don't we attempt to
fix our old belongings instead?
With the amount of merchandise that we purchase, such as electronics, appliances, and toys...

-economic growth

- constant production of new innovations

- creates jobs

- convenience (competition between companies create diversity of options for consumers)

-motivates people to pursue a better education to increase chances of a more luxuriously standard of living

(-promotes wasteful behaviors
-depletion of resources )

-creates barriers between social classes as the upper, middle, and lower class get different privileges

-corrupts society
negative affects on relationships (causes envy, greed, and selfishness )
alters our priorities and value of life to revolve around the idea of consumption is the overall purpose of our life
Is consumerism good or bad ?
Breeds an addition that is never quenched.
Welcome to the Business World
The World of Advertisements
Ambient Advertising
Refers to the ads that appear in public places such as on city bill boards, cars ,buses, elevators walls, park benches and even washrooms stalls.
Stealth- endorsers
Sign contracts with celebrities so that they can become the brands spokesperson. At public events they must wear their products in public or promote them in media interviews.
Naming rights
When Corporations purchase naming rights to public spaces such as areas, theaters, museums, and parks to promote their company name.
Telus World of Science
Rogers Arena
Target Advertising
Large promotional campaigns that use various media divisions such as television stations, radio networks, book and magazines to promote products although they have relation to the product itself.

Product Placements
When products are featured in media such as movies, TV, and increasing in video games.
In the 1982 movie E.T, the main character Elliot uses Reese pieces to lure in E.T. Ever since then, sales have increased by 65%.
Here are some types of advertisements that corporations use to help promote their companies name and products.
Did you know.....

That people are exposed to more advertisements in a year than people 50 years ago were exposed to in a life time.
Advertisements are an extremely influential on consumers as discovered by companies thus they spending billions of dollars trying to encourage shoppers buy their product.
Companies Advertisement Tactics
Advertisements are extremely influential on consumers as discovered by companies, thus they spend billions of dollars to try to encourage shoppers to buy their product.
We have come to perceive the word "value" differently in as sense that there are no attachments whatsoever in any products we receive or buy.
Change in Priorities
Domination of advertisements in our society has impacted us to alter our priorities where our overall purpose has become to consume.
We have become so obsessive with shopping that it has become viewed as our main source of happiness.
Why do we
go to school
need to get a job
work 8 hours shifts 5 days a week

....because it ensures that we live a prosperous and luxurious life style ....
Our lives revolve around the idea that increase our self value by contributing more to the economy
....in which involves purchasing expensive merchandise, subsequently contributing more to the economy
-studies have shown that our principal pastime if often used to shop rather than to spend time with what truly makes us happy, such as friends and family
Paper products such as towels, cups, and tissues are often dumped in the garbage or used excessively yet it is still constantly emphasized that we recycle our paper products and be more resourceful because of the depletion of our forests.
-in Western society, people are privileged to have easy access to necessities and we have become ungrateful for what we have as companies deceive us to believe that there is an endless supply of everything.

-hence, this reassures that wasteful behavior is permissible, and leads to our rapid ever-accelerating rate of production and consumption

For example ...
The media does a great job of hiding the evidence that we have generated huge amounts of waste, utilized immense quantities of energy, and are destroying many of our resources. Consequently, our excessive purchases have caused people in third world countries to make unnecessary sacrifices of their lands, health, and families so that companies can continue increasing their profits.
If my 20 minute survey was accurate 246 bags would leave every hour.

Safeway is open for 8 hours.
Do the math...
In 20 minutes, I've counted 82 plastic bags leaving Safeway.
About 1968 bags would leave each store day
About 13776 bags would leave each week
About 59050-61008 would leave a month

...99% of these purchases ends up in the landfill after 6 months.
Want to learn more ?
Check out this video !
Along with being the starring as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence is the spokesperson of Dior and she often wears their gowns to red carpet events.
Form in Internet advertisements where websites use their users personal info and searching history to find advertisements that suite that specific users
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