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chance johnson

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of denmark

denmark denmark Denmark Denmark By:
Eric Vargas
Chance Johnson
Christian Jaunzems The cuisine of Denmark can be associated with the foods of Scandinavian countries
There cooking style and food habits are closely associated with the climate and the vegitation of the country Denmark has a mild climate with no extremes of heat or cold. In the light summer months of june through august the avrage daytime temp is 66 degrees

In the coldest month of February the avrage is 34 degrees. Being a coastal country Denmark can be a rather wet and windy. The people of Denmark are considered to be close relatives of the people of Norway and Sweden.

The main religion is Lutheranism, which is followed by over 90 percent of the people. Most of the people speak Danish, which is the official language but English, the secondary language is also widely spoken. Denmark is located in Western Europe. It is one of the Nordic countries on the Jutland peninsula and several islands in the Baltic sea.

The local terrain is generally flat with a few gental rolling plains the territory
of Denmark includes the island of Bornholm in the baltic sea and the rest of metropolitan

Denmark. Its position gives Denmark complete control of the Danish Straits linking Baltic and North Seas. The country's natural resource include Petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, stone, gravel and sand Denmark Denmark Denmark The End. and PS. I love Ms. Fritz

Love Chanc:)
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