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Parliamentary Republic

No description

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Parliamentary Republic

Parliamentary Republic
What is a Parliamentary Repulic?
a parliamentary Republic government is A parliamentary republic is a type of republic that operates under a parliamentary system of government where the executive branch derives its legitimacy.

-The characteristics a Parliamentary Republic Government has is a government system that operates under a parliamentary system where one branch of the government reports to the higher leaders from the peoples prospective

-In this government the people elect a president and because the people elect a president the president has authority in this style of government almost close to a democracy.
Examples of a Parliamentary Republic

Country Formerly Parliamentary republic adopted Head of state elected by

-Albania One-party state 1991 Parliament, by majority
- Bangladesh Presidential republic 1991 Parliament
Czech Republic One-party state 1993 ( Parliament, by majority)
Dominica Associated with UK 1978 Parliament, by majority

Some examples of a Parliamentary republic government system are Constitutional monarchs and the presidential systems.
Government Style
-The government is different in multiple countries. For Example in Canada Australia and Japan they are in Constitutional monarchs in whom authority is invested in the parliament that there government had established.
-In countries such as India they are a regular parliamentary republic where parliaments are effectively supreme or a supreme head of state.
- Lastly countries in Africa also have a parliamentary countries have an executive presidency chosen by a parliament

The government Style cont.
The Government Style affects its economics with its laws and taxes
- Some advantages of a parliamentary goverment is that parliamentary systems is that it’s faster and easier to pass legislation.
-This is because the executive branch is dependent upon the direct or indirect support of the legislative branch and often includes members of the legislature. Thus, this would amount to the executive possessing more votes in order to pass legislation.
- Some disadvantages of a Parliamentary government are that head of government is in almost all cases not directly elected.
The prime minster knows who the next president will be eventually.
Work Cited






-Also they are chosen by the “prime minister”, “premier” or “chancellor” which is also chosen by the people to help chose their president.
-If it so happens that people want the current president removed from office they are peacefully removed by the people impeaching them.
-It’s also similar to the US government.
Leaders in our government also have to follow the same rules as everyone else so it won’t become a monarchy.

Leaders of the government
Interesting things I learned about the Parliamentary Government
-The widely used definition of Communism is "System with an elected president and elected representatives" whereas, Parliamentary Republic is defined as "A republic form of government with a parliamentary system".
-There is such a thing as a minority parliament which receives a mandate from parliament at each moment there is a vote on major money bill or when the legislation in question is deemed a confidence vote.
- All minority parliaments in this sense are run by coalition governments in that they require the support of other parties to stay in power.
Parliamentary Republic
By: Kenneth Tate and Victor Carmichael Jr.
Short Essay Question

In a detailed 5 sentence paragraph please
please explain what a Parliamentary Republic government is?
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