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Conrad Aiken- GA Author

No description

Emily Pointer

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Conrad Aiken- GA Author

He went to went to private schools as a child. Then, he was educated at Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts. He went to college at Harvard University.
Conrad Aiken- GA Author
By: Emily Pointer Date: 12/4/13
Conrad Aiken Basics
Poems & Stories:
A Letter from Li Po
Music I Heard
King Coffin (1935)
Ushant (1967)
Poems, Stories, Quotes & Excerpts
A Letter from Li Po: "Sole pride and loneliness; it is the state the kingdom rather of all things"
"It's time to make love, douse the glim; the fireflies twinkle and dim; the stars lean together like birds of a feather, and the lion lies down with the limb"
"Cosmos mariner destination unknown"
* This is also on his tomb.
Anna Aiken was the daughter of a Massachusetts minister, and William Aiken was a doctor in New York. Conrad was the eldest of four children (Kempton, Robert, Elizabeth). When Aiken was eleven, his father murdered his mother and committed suicide shortly after. Then, he went to live with his aunt in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Wives and Children:
He married Jessie McDonald in 1912 and divorced in 1929. They had three children. He married Clarissa M. Lorenz next and divorced her. Then, he married Mary Hoover in 1937.
He received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1930. He was awarded the National Medal for Literature, the Gold Medal for poetry, the Bollingen Prize, and the National Book Award.
Born in Savannah, GA on August 5, 1889
Died in Savannah, GA in 1973 at 84 years of age
His tomb is in Bonaventure Cemetery.
Music I Heard: "Music I heard with you was more than music"
Hometown Info:
Savannah has a total population of 142,022 (2012).
It is the 180th largest city in the United States.
The 1890 population was 43,189.
It was the 69th largest city in the United States then.
Savannah was once a Georgia capital.
Savannah adopted a council/manager form of government in 1954.
Savannah is one of Georgia's deepwater ports.
Newspaper Article:
Conrad Potter Aiken, a Savannah poet, was born on August 5, 1889. He is honored in the Georgia Writer Hall of Fame. He is often thought to be one of America's most musical poets. This would be a nice weekend to visit his bench in Bonaventure Cemetery. Hatteras Calling by Conrad Aiken Southeast, and storm, and every weathervane shivers and moans upon its dripping pin, ragged on chimneys the cloud whips, the rain howls at the flues and windows to get in, the golden rooster claps his golden wings and from the Baptist Chapel shrieks no more, the golden arrow into the southeast sings and hears on the roof the Atlantic Ocean roar. Waves among wires, sea scudding over poles, down every alley the magnificence of rain, dead gutters live once more, the deep manholes hollo in triumph a passage to the main. Umbrellas, and in the Gardens one old man hurries away along a dancing path, listens to music on a watering-can, observes among the tulips the sudden wrath, pale willows thrashing to the needled lake, and dinghies filled with water; while the sky smashes the lilacs, swoops to shake and break, till shattered branches shriek and railings cry. Speak, Hatteras, your language of the sea: scour with kelp and spindrift the stale street: that man in terror may learn once more to be child of that hour when rock and ocean meet. It would be nice if this author was more recognized.
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Conrad Potter Aiken was born in Savannah, GA in 1889. He had a very hard childhood. Aiken won many accolades during his long career as a writer. Also, his hometown city, Savannah, still remembers him as a excellent Georgia author.
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