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The Outsiders Soundtrack Project

No description

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders Soundtrack Project

Scene I: Darry slaps Pony
I chose the song
Somebody That I Used to Know
by Gotye because it expresses Pony's feelings towards Darry after he slaps Pony. I am sure that this is kind of what Pony felt like after the incident.
The Outsiders
Soundtrack Project

Scene IV: The Rumble
I chose the song
Sunday Bloody Sunday
by U2, due to the fact that so many Scos and Greasers are heart, and bloody. Also this sounds like the some of the things that the characters would be thinking of at the time of the rumble. This song explains the rumble quite well, too. That is why I choose this song for the rumble.
Scene V: Pony Writes his Story
For this scene, it was hard to choose a song. I decided to choose
The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
for this part of the story. The song may not make a whole lot of sense, but once I listened to it a few times, it made sense. Plus the title is perfect :D.
Scene II: Johnny stabs Bob
I chose the song Demons by Imagine Dragons for this part of the song because nobody knows that Johnny would do such a thing. Johnny was the gang's pet, not a mass murderer for all we know. Pony must have felt surprised when he saw that Johnny killed Bob.
Scene III: Pony and Johnny get some Good Food
This is the scene where Pony and Johnny have been visited by Dally, who tells them some new things that have happened back at the city, and also takes them to DQ for a real lunch. I chose the song
Best Day of My Life
by American Authors for this part because I feel like Pony and Johnny fell like their lunch is the best one they have ever had.
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