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Richard Kim

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Nintendo

Made the company public on the Osaka Stock Exchange in 1962
In 1963, Yamauchi renamed Nintendo Playing Cards Co. to Nintendo Co..
Between this time period, they experimented with many other areas of business, such as food, love hotels, taxi services, and a tv network, all failing and lowering the stock price from 600-60 yen ($6.31-0.63)
Nintendo Toy Industry
In 1966, Nintendo created the "Ultra Hand", which sold over a million units and brought Nintendo into the toy industry
Although they manufactured some successful products, they fell behind bigger toy companies such as Bandai and Tomy
Laser Clay Shooting System
In 1973, Nintendo started using the laser clay shooting system (arcade games with light gun technology)
They released these arcade machines in places like bowling alleys
These games were eventually disbanded because of their high expenses, but this helped them find their place in the video gaming industry
About the Company

Founded in 1889 by Fusajiri Yamauchi
Largest video game company by revenue
Oldest video game company in the world, although it didn't start as a gaming company until the 1960's
English translation - "leave luck to heaven"
Has sold over 655 million hardware units and 4.12 billion software units
Tried several niche market businesses, such as cab services and vacuum cleaners, but they all failed
Nintendo As a Card Company
Nintendo started off as a card company in 1889
Hand-crafted artwork was used in their first card game called Hanafuda, which was really new for the Japanese, and it became very popular
They made a deal with Disney to put their characters on their cards, was very successful and sold 600 000 card packs in one year
Because of its popularity, they started to hire people to mass produce them
Start of the Gaming Industry
In 1977, the Color TV Game console was produced with games on the hardware
5 different versions of these consoles, each with different games
Released Donkey Kong in 1981, and was licensed on many consoles, was very successful
They also released an early form of Mario called jumpman
Released in 2001
Used disks instead of cartridges
Connected to tv
Built in multiplayer
21.74 million units sold
Nintendo DS
Released in 2004
DS stands for both Dual Screen and Developers' System
Has 2 screens, microphone, touch screen
Replaced the gameboy
Different systems can interact wirelessly
All Nintendo DS models combined have sold 153.93 million units, making it the best selling handheld game console
Second best selling video game console of all time
Nintendo Wii
Released in 2006
Replaced gamecube, and could still play its games
Motion sensing and pointing capabilities
82 million units sold
Nintendo changed its logo from red to gray when this was released
Released in 2011
Top screen in 3d
Started off with bad sales, as there weren't many games
Got better as price cuts occurred and new games were released
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was launched in North America in 1985, along with Super Mario Bros, very popular
SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was launched in 1990 8 bit 16 bit
NES - 8 bit
SNES 16 bit
110 million units sold
Released in 1989, and sold very well, and was the most dominant gaming console for over a decade
Gameboy pocket, light, and colour came after, although they made very small changes
Gameboy Advance SP was then released in 2003, and was the first to have screen lighting
118.69 million units sold
Timeline of Console Releases
Wii U
Released in late 2012
Touch-screen controller
Supports off TV play on controller
Wii U is currently being sold as a loss
160,000 units sold
President of Nintendo is Satoru Iwata
Not related to founder

Market Symbol is NTDOF
$118.58 stock price
Has 5100 employees
10.7 billion annual revenue
Sold at the OTC Market
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