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Why Do Teenagers Take So many Selfies!!

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Wagmah Nadjibulla

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Why Do Teenagers Take So many Selfies!!

In Conclusion
Who takes more selfies girls or boys??
Body Image
But why do girls take so many selfies??
American Psychiatric Association (APA) had officially classified taking ‘Selfies’ as a mental disorder. In fact, the announcement also stated that the APA also claimed to name the disorder ‘Selfitis.’
APA said there are three levels of the disorder:
Borderline selfitis : taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day but not posting them on social media
Acute selfitis: taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day and posting each of the photos on social media
Chronic selfitis: Uncontrollable urge to take photos of one’s self round the clock and posting the photos on social media more than six times a day
According to the APA, while there is currently no cure for the disorder, temporary treatment is available through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT ).
Self Esteem
Why Do Teenagers Take So Many Selfies!!

The first ever selfie was taken in 1839.It was taken by Robert Cornelius, a chemist 175 years ago in the back of his family's silver-plating shop in Pheladelphia.The back of this particular photograph reads, “The first light Picture ever taken. 1839.”

Selfie's Birth
What is a selfie?
A photograph that one has taken of oneself,
typically one taken with a smartphone or web cam and uploaded to a social media website. Also Oxford Dictionaries announced their word of the year for 2013 to be "selfie".

Let's look at our class
A global survey of the world's selfie-taking habits has revealed women are significantly more likely to take pictures of themselves than men.The project, named Selfiecity, analyzed 3,200 Instagram selfies shared in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Bangkok, and Sao Paulo.Every city analyzed significantly more selfies taken by women than men- from 1.3 times as many in Bangkok to 1.9 times more in Berlin - and in Moscow 4.6 times more female than male selfies.

Global survey
There are many reasons for why do girls take so many selfies. First of all it is a popularity contest not just with girls but also with guys. If you ask a teenager why they take selfies, they usually say I don't know everyone else does it, which means they want to follow the trend and fit in. Also there are much bigger issues, usually with girls that can cause mental problems. These include.....
A recent study, led by Petya Eckler, of the University of Strathclyde, says it isn’t good to take selfies. After speaking to several hundred female students, the team found that spending time on Facebook looking at selfies is linked to negative feelings about body image. But the element of trying to “look better” it’s about being noticed and accepted in society. People might take several selfies to pick the perfect one, but they don’t just leave it there; they post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of media. After posting you get comments on your selfies.They might be compliments or bad comments. Everyone likes compliments, so of coarse if you get them you feel good about yourself and you feel pretty. Remember there are always haters, and these people do anything to make you feel bad about yourself.These hurtful comments can lead to depression, bullying and even committing a suicide.
Sure showing off a new outfit or that you are at a cool event is fun, but it can be slippery slope. Psychologist Jill Weber, PH.D says there's a danger that your self esteem may start to be tied to comments and likes you get when you post a selfie and they aren't based on who your are they are based on what you look like. On the other hand seeking attention is totally normal Dr. Webster explains its healthy way for teenagers to develop their identity. With social networks where its easy to get a quick like, and the selfie can go out of control.It may even start to feel like an addiction.When you get a comment that says "hot" you are happy and confident about yourself. When you get nothing or "get over yourself" your confidence can drop.This is when you try to take the best selfie for hours and then put filter on it to make it look better.
Don't underestimate selfies they can be extremely dangerous. Danny Bowman, 19, would spend 10 hours a day taking up to 200 photos of himself on his iPhone.The teenager dropped out of school, remained housebound for six months and lost two stone in an attempt to capture the perfect self-portrait.Danny eventually became so depressed that he took an overdose, but was found and rushed to the hospital.Danny says,“It’s a real problem like drugs, alcohol or gambling. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.”
In conclusion in my opinion selfies are taken for attention.There are other ways to get attention also,but I guess teens think selfies is the only way out. I personally am not a fan of selfies, but I understand some people use it to express themselves!!! Selfies are everywhere,and they are to stay for the years to come!
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