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Milking Machine

No description

Brittany Burrows

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Milking Machine

My Invention Is
The Milking Machine What year was the milking
machine made? Where the milking machine
was made? In 1878 by A new jersey farm
women named Anna Baldwin It was made in Switzerland where the second inventor who made it more useable, and remade it. To Speed up the process of milking so they could get do and so they don't have to make their hands sore. Why Was it invented? Yes, but a pipe line in steed so you don't have to carry the heavy pales. Do We Use This Invention Today? It would take farmers longer to milk their cow and for bigger farms it would take them almost a whole day just to milk all their cows. What Would We Do Without This Invention. Yes for the farm women she didn't have very much supplies to make it so she had to save up a lot of money to create her invention. Also the Switzerland inventor tried to steel her idea Where there any obstacles that stood
in the inventors way?
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