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No description

Hasina Kara

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Skins

Reception & Audience: The first series received positive reviews, although critics criticized the unrealistic, stereotypical depiction of teenagers. Actor Nicholas Hoult defended criticism of the extreme storylines, saying they would not reflect “everyone's teenage life”, adding “it is maybe heightened for entertainment but all of it is believable.” Marieke Hardy was extremely admiring of the show, and particularly enjoyed the fact that the show was “beautiful and sad and poignant and perfectly hurtful”, while also managing to give impression of being drama that is “edgy, funny and rude”. However, she did state that she was unsure whether the show was meant for teenagers or not. The pilot episode of Skins averaged 1.5 million viewers. The ratings for the second series which launched peaked at 884,000 viewers and the series finale attracted an audience of 740,000 on E4. The start of the third series drew in 877,000 viewers, proving popular with its key audience demographic of younger people — 56.2% of viewers were aged between 16 and 34. Series 4 premiered with 1.5 million viewers across E4 and E4+1, the highest rated episode since series 1. Narrative/Themes: The series follows a group of teenagers based in Bristol through the two years of Sixth Form. So the character’s ages would range from 16-18.
The controversial plotline explores issues including narcissism, dysfunctional families, personality disorders, substance abuse, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, disability, suicide, murder and death, issues which may connect to teenagers today.
Production & multimedia production: The show’s realistic plot lines are often credited to the writing team, who have an average age of 21.

Online content: A variety of videos have been released on the Skins website, including character profiles, and “Unseen Skins” mini-episodes that interweave with every aired episode. The Official Website: On the Skins official website on E4, the website allows the user to watch video clips, episodes (on 4oD), view blogs, see the style behind the characters (fashion and trends), quotes from Skins, cast and crew, music, quizzes and many more.
- The 'Backchat' page also lets you discuss characters and episodes with other viewers.
-The 'Skins House' allows users to watch interviews with the Skins actors.

The website alows users to 'follow'Skins and the Skins actors on Twitter, visit the Skins Facebook, MySpace and Bebo pages. 'SKINS' PARTY! Skins may be responsible for causing 'Skins Parties'. The organisation of these parties usually start with one having their social networking page 'hacked', while they advertise a Skins themed party at a real persons house. This then leads to the home being wrecked due to the mass amount of people who turn up to the parties. Representation From www.thestudentroom.co.uk, a questionnaire was posted by a fellow media student, whose intentions were to find out other people's views on how positive the representation of teenagers is on skins. The last question refered to if users thought if teenage behaviour is influenced by the teenagers on Skins. One person answered: I feel it makes many drugs appear more widely used than they actually are. In the case of cannabis, the use of it actually normalised in the program, and as it is marketed as a 'realistic teen drama' people may feel it is not as bad to do it as their elders say. Indeed, it is a program which shows teenagers living there normal lives, and alongside peer pressure people may believe that it is a natural thing to do. Also, the effects of casual sex are rarely portrayed accuratly from the womans point of view, and casual sex is never presented as a inherantly wrong thing, just a fun, good thing that goes wrong. " " Another user said: 14 - 19 is an age group that is known for being underconfident and awkward - Skins adds more pressure - almost as though young people should be irresponsible mini-adults rather than carefree people. There is also a sort of domino effect - people see Skins and start acting to try and be 'cool' and chic, their friends try to copy them, their friends' friends copy them etc. " " Teen Drama
“Dramedy” a.k.a. comedy-drama Genre:
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