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Roman Republic and US government similarities and difference

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Albenir Pacheco Jr

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Roman Republic and US government similarities and difference

Roman Republic and the US Government both have the Head Executive be the leader of the military
Veto power
Lead Executives have veto power
Veto means to disapprove a law
Money $$$
In Roman Republic and the US Government it is most likely that the wealthy will be elected .
The Roman Republic and The US Government both have written down law for the people to follow.
Thank you!
The US government and the Roman Republic both have the Executive and Legislative Branches in their government.
The Roman Republic and US Government both have a set of checks and balances.
In the Roman Republic and the US Government the Head Executive can be removed by the Legislators
Roman Republic doesn't have a separate Judicial Branch it's included in an other branch.
In Rome the people that run Rome are called consuls and there are 2.Also they only serve for 1 year but in US there is 1 president and he serves 1 or 2 4 year terms
Roman Republic and US government similarities and differences
-Roman and US similarities-
Differences between Roman Republic and US Government
Rome had a provision for a dictator to take over just in case something happens to the consuls.US doesn't .
In Rome Consuls have religious duties and the US doesn't
Rome continued to own slaves when the US stopped.
we got the treausure!!!!!!!!!!
Roman senators served for life while US senators only served for 6 years.
Roman women are not allowed to participate in government us women are.
Rome had a rigid social class it did not change that often it was set and did not change. US on the other had a flexible social class.
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