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No description

Oikawa's Glasses

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Dogs!

This a Bichon. They don't shed
Why should we get a dog?
A dog is very playful and cute. Perfect for us. They are hard to care for but you will find out all that work is worth it. You can get exercise when you walk them and I won't play my IPad as much!
I really want a dog. I would care for it by feeding it, walking it, washing it, research more about what dog it is, play with it and other things. There is some things i would need help on. Cleaning its poo,and its "liquid", the dog house and taking it to the vet. The rest I would do on my own
A bichon!
A bichon is a dog that is really great with children. It is recommended for families with kids. It does not shed and it is probably easy to care for. Here is a video.
Persuasive letter
I have decided we should get a Bichon Frise. I think that because a Bichon lives longer and it is one of the healthiest dogs. It needs to be groomed a lot but way less than a poodle. They are small dogs and that's what you guys want and these dogs love families and children. They are great for elderly?
Some pictures!
How much do we have to pay for them in the first month?
Toys and Chews
Training and more!
Nutritional Needs
Grooming Tools
Water Bowl 4.99
Food Bowl 4.99
Special Puppy Food 19.99
Collar 11.99
ID Tag 8.99
Leash 10.99
Bed/pillow/pad 50.99
Pickup bags/dispensers 6.99
Treats 8.99
Plush toys 7.99
First-Aid Supplies 9.99
In all, the amount of the basics would be around 146.89.
Chew Toys 3.99

Fetch Toys 3.99

Rubber Toys 4.99

Rawhide 5.99
In all, the amount would be around 18.16
Dog door 29.99
Potty Pads 7.99
Pooper Scooper 28.99
Crate 57.99
Carrier 23.99
Calm/Stress Reducing Products 10.99
Training Books and Videos 24.99
In all, the total would be around 184.93
Vitamins and Supplements 18.99

Food Scoop//Storage Bin 25.99

Training Treats 7.99
In all, the amount is around
Brush 5.99

Comb 8.99

Shampoo 4.99

Nail Clippers 7.99

Dental Products 16.99

Flea and Tick Treatment 8.99
In all, the amount would be around 53.94
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