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Itza Crespo

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Florence

The Province of Florence is a province in the northeast of Tuscany region of Italy.
In 82 B.C. its territory was confiscated for the benefit of veterans of Sulla. After the fall of Rome, Florence was repeatedly attacked by Goths and Byzantines.
Middle Ages .
In 774 , Florence was conquered by Charlemagne became part of the Carolingian Empire .
In 1115 , the city was liberated .
In 1125 Fiesole was conquered and forced to go and live in Florence inhabitants. He allied with Pisa.
In 1218 Florence went to war for hegemony against Pisa in Tuscany.
During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries , the Florentines took an active part in the wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines .
The nobility was much weakened by these struggles and was driven from power in 1293 , and the period of the second town .
At that time Florence was the first city in Tuscany as Pisa was defeated by Genoa in 1284 and Siena began to decline.
Florence conquered Pisa in 1406 and became a maritime power .
Shows of his power was the coinage of " gold florin " in 1252.
Medicis was the richest family in Florence Florence managed to take over in 1434 .
The family of the Medici , ruled the city with interruptions for 350 years .
In 1737 the Medici family became extinct.
After the Congress of Vienna, Tuscany became a province of the Kingdom of Italy, from 1865-1871.
Today Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany.
Museums in Florence.
Galery Uffizi
Museum House Dante
National Museum II Bargello
Monuments in Florence
Bell Tower of Giotto
Library Medicea Laurenciana
Ponte Vecchio
Churches in Florence.
Basilica of Santa Cruz
Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore)
Baptisterio of San Juan
Palaces in Florence
Palace Pitti
Old Palace
Palace Medici-Riccardi
Squares of Florence
Duomo square.
Piazza della Signoria
Piazza della Repubblica
Gardens Florence
Cascine Park
Garden Boboli
Traditional ingredients
Olive oil.
Tomato salad with mozarella
Vegetable soup
Crostini di fegato
The most popular insides.
First dish
Sea food.
Main course.
Bistecca alla fiorentina,
The reason and importance of visiting Florence.
Florence is a gorgeous city, its food , art , its history , landscapes and more, make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Florence also is an important city in Italian fashion, being ranked in the top 50 fashion capitals of the world; furthermore, it is a major national economic center, as a tourist and industrial hub. In 2008, Florence had the 17th highest average income in Italy.
From the fourteenth century Florentine politics , the work of the merchants remained bellicose , but now it was based on an army of mercenaries.
Thank you :)
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