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BR unit 5preintermediate job benefits

No description

Go English Live

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of BR unit 5preintermediate job benefits

This is mark:
Meet ana :
job benefits
and employment procedures...
Choose your own benefits!
When choosing a job, understanding the company’s benefits can help you decide whether the position is the right fit for you.
what to do...
has many different meanings....
job interview tips...
How did you get the job?
Job benefits can come in many different forms and all companies do not offer the same ones.
job interview first impression
I am a mother with two young children .
I get to work at eight in the morning. But then I can leave a four in the afternoon to get the children from school. I also have six weeks paid in holiday.
she also gets private health care for all the family and that saves her a lot of money.
Maternity leave is also good where she works- six moths of full pay
I travel a lot because I'm in sales.
I get a company car with the job. They also give me a laptop for doing all my report and a mobile phone.
He can also use the car for the weekends which is great as he gets cheap petrol.
His mobile can be used for personal calls as well.
And the kids can use his laptop at weekends.
He is always on the road so he can't use his gym membership.
I've done courses in management teamwork and costumer service.
My company offers subsidized childcare and a good pension scheme.
She was interested first about this job for the training courses they offered.
What interests her more at the moment is the annual bonus .
That means more money for Christmas presents in December
Getting a new job
when you're a candidate you...
Go for an interview
Update your cv.
Apply for the job
Offer the job.
Advertise the position.
to work at 8 in the morning.
He gets
a bonus at the end of the year
can you get him
at the station this evening?
(= go and meet)
well soon.
(= recovering)
I went through the internet searching for job advertisements.
I sent my resume and then they called me for an interview in the afternoon.
The interview was great. I answered all their questions satisfactorily, being confident and professional.
After a couple days, they called me to say congratulations....
you got the job!
video CVs...
Complete the following sentences:
Have you ______a video cv?
I ______ an article about them a few days ago
Some companies ____ already started offering video cv service.
Someone ___ emailed me a cv today
I _________it yet.
ever seen
have read
haven't watched
Yes, I've done some research about your company!
Good afternoon. My name is Valerie. Nice to meet you!
I would be so exited to work for this company !
what not to do...
Wear a business professional outfit.
Smile, is important to look confident.
Use distracting accessories or a strong perfume.
Firm hand shake
Make eye contact throughout the interview.
Have questions for the interviewer.
Forget the name of the interviewer.
Weak handshake.
delegating work...
Antonio, I need you to make a list of participants for tomorrow's training course
ok, I'll do that right now.
and please include all their mobile phone numbers.
I'm not sure I can do that. I haven't got a list. do we have it somewhere?
yes just look in the green file on my desk. and I'd like you to phone he sales director for me this afternoon.
No problem.
What is Paula asking to her assistant?
answer the following questions...
to make a list of participant's for tomorrows trainig course.
What is necessary to include in the list?
All their mobile phone numbers.
Where is the list of mobile numbers.
The list is in the green file on Paula's desk.
match the columns to make complete sentences.
Where are we
We've already
I emailed them to you
I've been very short of time.
Leave it
...with recruitment?
...shortlisted twenty candidates.
...last week.
...running out.
...this week.
...with me.
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