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Salesforce & associated Products

for IT Germany Meeting on 26th Oct 2016

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Salesforce & associated Products

Main Activites
Roll out Salesforce & Desk.com to Standards
Roll out Salesforce to China
Migration of Biosearch to LGC Salesforce instance
Migration of sales-related part of Douglas Scientific to LGC Salesforce
Ongoing support of existing users by further customising Salesforce
Setting up Redirect for Desk.com go-live (time zone issue)
Slow internet/Wifi & not enough training equipment
Adoption of the systems
(Remote) Training for new users
Getting programmes installed, that are necessary to use Desk.com/Salesforce
Limitations of the system
New acquisitions with existing CRM/CS tool
Duplicates when migrating customer data
Continued support for existing users while travelling
Salesforce & associated Products
What is Salesforce and why did we choose it?
Kathleen Lehnigk - Group Salesforce Administrator
Market leading cloud-based CRM system
Easy to use, remote access, very customizable
LGC Group decision on Salesforce platform in 2012
Integrates with Desk.com and Pardot
How can the German/wider IT team help?
Setting up redirect to Desk.com
Doing installations of Chrome/Salesforce for Outlook
Checking & improving internet/Wifi situation in local offices
Sending equipment for training purposes
Giving smart phones (Android or iOS) to users that need mobile access
Future: Helping with integration IFS/BO
Nice to have: every user on same WinOffice platform
LGC Offices - Salesforce & Desk.com
Current/Future Projects
Migration of Hubspot (Biosearch & Douglas Scientific) to Pardot
Migration of SLX to Salesforce
Migration of service-related part of Douglas Scientific to chosen customer service platform
Roll-out of Desk.com to Luckenwalde, Augsburg, Brazil, (Bury)
Dataflow between systems (Standards)
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