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FRIDAY!!!! 1.23.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of FRIDAY!!!! 1.23.15

Wednesday 1.28.15
This week's WODs are:
Music Video Friday
It's AP's Music Video Friday!

We will now explore the website, No Red Ink. It's feature is that it will create grammar practices around your interests.

1. Register. Use the code listed on the grammar practice page of my website.
2. Customize. Choose your interests- music, tv, movies, authors, athletes, teams
3. Complete your comma exercise.
Lesson Objectives
Today, we will be reading and analyzing TWO texts related to the era in our nation when slavery was the norm. First, we'll read an informational article, "The Horrors of Slavery," followed by a short play, "I Would Rather Die" about Frederick Douglass' escape from slavery. We will do some activities to analyze and understand what we read. Here's why:
VOCABULARY- the purpose of pre-reading the definitions of words that may be unfamiliar is to develop and
GROW your vocabulary.

THEME- to help you
develop the skill of distilling, or "boiling down" a theme from a story or play
AND know how you arrived at that "theme" or "message" (textual evidence)
CLOSE-READING- the close reading questions help you analyze, or
think deeply about, the craft of the author and how and why he or she structured the play the way he or she did
, how to
make inferences
while reading (one of our ACTIVE reading skills!) and how to
identify literary devices
in what you read.
CRITICAL THINKING- these questions are designed to help you
form, word, and support your own opinion(s) about what you read and support them with evidence.
The Horror of Slavery
Do Now: Take a lap top
Take a lap top and get logged on. Open a Chrome browser go to my website.
It's Christopher's Music Video Friday !
No Red Ink
All of the skills described above are essential to making you a reader who understands more of what he or she reads AND can form his or her own thoughts about what he or she reads. These skills will help you in all subjects throughout school and later in your career and everyday life!
1. Vocabulary- I will draw names to read these new words, definitions, parts of speech, and example sentences.
2. Turn to the last page in the packet and pre-read the questions. This will allow us to annotate with purpose.
I Would Rather Die
1. Pre-read the questions on the second and third pages of the packet.
2. Now, we will randomly assign parts and read aloud. Annotate with purpose!!
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