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Copy of From the Desk of Human Resources 2013


Shauna-Gaye Stephens

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of From the Desk of Human Resources 2013

Days 1 to 30
New HRIS System
HR Manager - 90 Day Plan
Understanding & Setting Expectations
Ascertaining Dir. of HR expectations; agreeing on deliverables & milestones.

Benefits Administration
Building Relationships
Comp & Benefits
Organizational Environment
Job descriptions
HRIS Administrator???
Initial implementation
Seek Answers to these questions:
Performance Management
Recruitment... offer letters... onboarding
Integrated HR Service
Union & Staff Reps
Employee Syntheziation drive for new HRIS
Staff orders
Having answered the initial questions.....
Presented BY:
Shauna-Gaye Stephens
What are the position’s main priorities at this time?
Execute initial activities related to deliverables agreed
Each functional area reviewed
with an eye to current
systems, linkages to HRIS, and efficiencies to be gained.
look at the "hows" of implementation
Initiate 1st phase of HRIS familiarization plan.
Look closer at training programme
Days 61-90
Days 31 to 60
What has been early response to HRIS programme familiarization?
Review, Re-Evaluate, Action:
What has been progress on low hanging fruit?
How effective has programmes to meet offsite graveyard shift personnel been?
What needs adjusting now?
Questions to self, to inform actions:

Do I know the business? The 'how' of work
build relationships with HR and other key personnel
Do I have a broad map of the HR activities (ongoing & in pipeline)
Integrated activities?
Early Wins
What priority items can be delivered ?
Note to self:
learn everything there is to know about the organization's greatest & most immediate HR Needs
Unions & Staff Associations
In larger schema & given the impending changes to how the HR Dept manages transactions with employees, what are the department's short to medium term goals & objectives?
Become more versatile by taking on some tasks outside of your set responsibilities.
What are the plans for implementation of the HRIS?
90 day plan
(in 30 day chunks)
What is the Industrial / Employee relations atmosphere?
Undertake activities with team based on answers around HR Themes.
Staff Engagement & Motivation Programmes/System.

Recruitment and Selection systems.

Employee Development & Training systems.
learning phase
Performance Management
(how well does the programme in place meet the JCAA's objectives)
Compensation & benefits administration
(eg. how can any resistance to benefits information access be preemptively mitigated by training and other activities
I'm the new HR Manager, what Next?
Details of Employee Development & Training Programme
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