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Jhorman Castro Triana

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of Newspaper

The newspaper was created in ancient Rome by order of Julio Cesar, who published only facts towards their political interests, It is also developed a similar publication in ancient China. However, this type of publications is not masification until the 15th century, with the invention of printing by Gutenberg Johannes at Germany.
Origin of newspaper
The press is the means of mass comunication more ancient of all. The Word Press includes the set of publications that are published regularly, either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, and is referred to as newspaper, weekly magazine, journals and Yearbook respectively.
The newspaper is the publication that usually is published daily with the function of disseminating information.
Positive impacts
The newspaper is a mass media.
The newspaper is accessible to remote population where there is not signal of radio, television and internet.
The format of presentation of the newspaper can be recycled.
The newspaper is an economic means of communication.
The information published is 90% reliable.
Negative impacts
Information is not immediate as in other media.
The newspaper is useless for people who do not know read.
To archive them occupy much space.
High consumption of paper, offending against the ecology.
• General: this is all kinds of news.
• Theme: It's specializing in a specific type of information.
According to treatment
By diffusion
According to content
By the periodicity
•Daily: newspapers.
•Magazines: weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual.
• Local
• Departmental
• National
• Continental or global
• Sensationalist: these are events or scandals with little depth.
• Prestige: it try the ethical rigour as well as the veracity of the information.
By format
• Sheet: large leaf used many times by the more serious newspapers.
• Tabloid: half of the size of the sheet format, until recently used nothing more by sensationalist newspapers.
• Special formats: it is very similar to the magazines, even with staples, but it is very rare.
By Edition
• Morning newspaper: it leaves in the morning.
• Evening paper: it leaves in the afternoon.
Kinds of press
The German Johannes Gutenberg is the main representer.
The first newspaper was Weekly News of London.
Yorman Castro Triana
Edison Londoño
Claudia Aristizabal
Yorman Castro Triana
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