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Labels and Captions in scientific illustration

No description

Dijana Kladnjakovic

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Labels and Captions in scientific illustration

Labels and captions are important elements of illustrations, placing the illustration in context and conferring it identity Labels can be words, letters, numbers, or other symbols that are part of the original design of the picture or are added by the editor or publisher of the book, with the purpose of identifying specific elements of the picture or sometimes their roles. Captions are short descriptive or explanatory texts or headings attached to the image, placed above, beside or beneath an image, having the role of identifying the illustration and to distinguish it from the other pictures XML Labels and captions, when properly placed on or near the illustration, or when encoded for the purpose of random access, searchability and findability, are a further step towards a smooth and continuous reading Method: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
SVG is an application of XML that makes it possible to represent graphic information in a compact, portable form.
· Inkscape : Open Source SVG editor and used for creating XML code and image.
· Oxygen : Editing SVG code and adding new XML functionality such as <SWITCH> element for multilingualism, and creating XHTML file.
· W3C XML Validator :http://www.w3schools.com/XML/xml_validator.asp
· Web Browsers : Crome and IE
How detailed should the mark-up and the metadata of a picture be? How searchable will the illustrations and their labels be? How blurred is the line between the subjectivity and the objectivity of the encoder?
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