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Cherry blossom quiz


maddi ingram

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Cherry blossom quiz

By Maddi and Talei Quiz! :) April and May Which months does the cherry blossom festival occur in? April and May 1. Cherry blossom viewing (hanami)
2. People participate in rides and games
3. Traditional Kimono shows
4. Beautifully arranged flower displays
5. Lots of musical activity goes on during
this festival. Name one of the events that occur during the cherry blossom festival What are the the traditional clothes worn to the cherry blossom festival? Kimonos What is the traditional drink at the cherry blossom festival? Cherry blossom tea What is cherry blossom tea made out of? Oranges! Just kidding. Cherry blossoms :-) In the cherry blossom festival, what is all the food based around? Cherries What country has more festivals than Japan? None of them, Japan has the most. How long does the cherry blossom festival go for? The cherry blossom festival goes for one week, during the golden week. The golden week goes from April 29 - May 5. Where is the cherry blossom festival held? The cherry blossom festival is held and celebrated all over Japan. What is flower viewing called? Japanese flower viewing is called Hanami Bonus Question! Bonus Question Why is the Cherry blossom Japans national flower? The cherry blossom is the national flower because:
1. It is very beautiful
2. It is very fragile
3. It is short lived Thanks for participating in our quiz! We hope you enjoyed it! :-)
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