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Introducing Mrs. Bell

First day of class introductions and journaling

Jaime Bell

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Introducing Mrs. Bell

Tell me who you are!
Introduction Journal
About Mrs. Bell
In box one of your journal, tell me where
you are from - the middle school you attended? Where have you lived?
How long have you lived in different
places, and how have you felt about them?
George Fox University and
Oregon State University
Mt. Alyeska
Anchorage, Alaska
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Ski Town USA
About Mrs. Bell
In box two of your journal, tell me about
your family - include pets! What kinds of
things do you do with your family/friends?
Crazy Family
About Mrs. Bell
In box three tell me your hobbies, sports, interests, or things you'd like to learn to do.
Mrs. Bell's opinion
Take two minutes to get up, stretch, and walk around the room. Your task is to find one quote in the room that interests you. In box four, write down what the quote means, what interested you and why, or how you personally connected with that item.
About Mrs. Bell
In box four, tell me places you've been - in
Montana, in the US, in the world - or
places you'd like to go.
Spain (Madrid, Seville)
Ireland (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Netherlands/Holland (Amsterdam)
Austria (salzburg) and
Switzerland (Interlaken)
Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Naples, Pompeii)
England (London, Oxford, Canterbury, Dover, Hastings)
China (Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou)
France (Nice, Paris)
Germany (Dachau, Garmitch, Newschwanstine, Rothenburg, Cologne)
Eldorado Canyon, Boulder, CO
reading (duh!), building my house, skiing, fishing, boating, hiking, cooking, traveling, yoga, hanging with friends and family - I'd like to learn to water ski and sail.
Quick Pair and Share! Turn to your partner
and share your list of hobbies, interests.
Coram, Montana
Mrs. Bell is like a swallow because she like to dig into the dirt literally and likes to dig into literature (metaphorically). She is also like a swallow because she likes to fly literally and likes to see the big picture and larger questions in literature and writing.
Keeping those words in mind, on the back of the sheet, I want you to write me a simile
about who you are as a student or person.
A comparison of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as" - your smile is like a rainbow.
In box five, write down five words that describe you.
In box six,
I want you to pick an animal or natural element that represents something about you...and explain.
Success Comes in Cans not Can nots!
Sam Emery Bell born 4/28/14
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