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Abraham Lincoln -Reading Street 2-2

No description

Laura Shultz

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln -Reading Street 2-2

Abraham Lincoln
By Delores Malone

Amazing Words
to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing
Significant -Having a meaning or importance
Scour - to search
Ingenious - clever idea
Aloft - high up in the air
a person who draws designs
a person skilled in various kinds of mechanical work
The Contraction Song
Sung to: “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
I’m the first word; don’t change me!
Don’t change me, don’t change me.
I’m the first word; don’t change me.
Oh, no, just let me be.
When you change the second word,
Second word, second word,
When you change the second word,
A shorter word you’ll see.
Certain letters are taken out,
Taken out, taken out.
Certain letters are taken out.
One word will remain.
Apostrophe will fill that space,
Fill that space, fill that space,
The rest will stay the same.
Can’t and couldn’t, isn’t, too
Isn’t to, isn’t too,
Won’t and I’ve and let’s, it’s true,
he +is = he's
can + not = can't
she + will = she'll
I + am = I'm
Author's Purpose
Proper Nouns
Common Noun
Names a person place or thing
Proper Noun
names a particular person, place or thing
Text Structure
Stop and glue this
into your
Complete the Unit 2 Week 2 Interactive Review pgs 165 &166.
Now complete pgs 167 in your Unit 2 Week 2 Interactive Packet,
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