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Typography & Graphic Arts WK1

No description

Katie Ramirez

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Typography & Graphic Arts WK1

so ...
It is NOT topography
What is Typography?
1. Social awareness has increased

2. Branding/consistency is huge

3. Clarity of a message is always important

awesome examples
of typography
remember that typography is all around us and is more than just fonts and letters
Why is typography important?
typography in advertisements
typography in magazines
so what is it?
“I always tell people that the difference between good typography and [bad typography] is the difference between work that looks professional and work that looks like someone threw it together in MS Word. One reason Apple’s stores look so good is the careful and consistent application of [the typeface] Myriad. But Kmart’s careless mash-up of Helvetica, Gill Sans, News Gothic and Gotham looks like, well, Kmart.”

James Puckett, typographer
The art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them.
typography as art
typography in every day
typography for logos
Typography is:
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