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Copy of Copy of Mad Scientist

No description

Christine LaBarre

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist needs you for his experiment!
Mua ha ha ha ha ha…….
Once all 5 keys are at the dropzone, the remaining survivors that can make it out (back to the starting point, right here) win the game.
• You must groan the whole time (it’s funny, and it lets the survivors know where you are. You can’t hide quietly.)
• You cannot talk
• You cannot open doors, although the mad scientist can let you in them if he wants to.
• You cannot run. You must walk with arms stretched forward.
• Brainwashed people can brainwash others, but must grab them with two hands by the shoulders. A tag isn’t good enough!
If you are a brainwashed
Off-limits: bathrooms, locked doors, storage rooms, closets, kitchen, sound booth, stage, and outdoors

You can use: hallways, the rest of the sanctuary, stairways, some offices (if they aren't locked), connections room, foyer, nursery, choir room, and fellowship hall.
Mad Science of the Late 1800s
mad science
good voc.
nice suit
cool tools
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