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Customer Relationship Management

No description

Alex Bird

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Customer Relationship Management

"Company wide business Strategy"
Customer Loyalty
Streamline Sales and Marketing
Organise, Automate and
Synchronise business process
Track customers
Attract Customers
Understand Customers
Win back customers
Long term business relationship
Improve products
and services
But What is it?
Who are our customers?
What are their likes?
What are their dislikes?
Are they single? married?
How often do they shop?
Do they shop with competitors?
Whens their birthday?
Do they buy certain
products together?
Finding out as much about customers as possible
Using that information to run the business
Sales and Marketting
Who Might use it?
Car Manufacturer
What product purchased
What options they chose
Purchased? Leased?
Business May use information to try and
improve sales:

Send specific marketing material
Know when a customer may be interested in purchasing a new vehicle

Can also try and build a relationship with
its customers:

Remind them of service dates
Inform them of a product recall
Send a birthday card
IT company
Transport company
What is a CRM system?
Types of CRM System
Front Facing System
Complete Integration
"Sell the right products to
right customer"
No need for a complete and complex system in
every business
May only want to track a few things:
Product sales
Regular customers
This information could still be used to find out
~Whats selling best
~Send email about new products to customers
Requires change in entire business strategy

Make every activity about the customer
Find out as much as possible about customers
Track as many trends as possible to decide
sales strategies
Which is better?
Depends entirly on the business
Full integration is an expensive process and
some business will get everything they need
from a front facing system
Large businesses may only see benefits from
full integration due to the number of
customers and the complexity of decisions being made
CRM technologies
Advantages and Disadvantages
Case Study
Better relationship with customers
Re-selling oppertunities
Dashboard widgets can show
imformation specific to employee needs
Reduce expenses
Scrap poor selling products
Customer research continually being done
Better planning and budgetting
Improve reputation
Improve call centre efficiency:
Already have customer details on file
Degrade customer service as make it more
Expensive to install
How to move over to new system?
May not meet every deparments needs
May miss some vital customer infomation by relying on system
What happens if company merges with another?



Business Information systems (Bocij, P. Chaffey, D. 2nd edition)










Dashboard widgits which may have drill down option
Keeping track of sales as they are made
Record sales patterns
Track customers
Keep track of stock
Collate information from all areas of the company
Alliance and Leicester

“Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank had a number of ‘Sales Relationship Management’ systems in which needed to be replaced, as they were not delivering a complete view of the customer across divisions.”
Ability to sell complimentary products was being missed
Needed information about individuals and big businesses across all areas (call centres, sales, strategy, marketting)

A CRM system was developed to help meet these demands.

Implementation was done in three phases (first phases just had a few users, second integrated some systems into CRM, third stage was full move to CRM system).

Improved efficiency
Better access to information
Detailed opportunity reporting
Improved call centre efficiency

*Case study from SageCRM site and so is marketing tool, no necessarily including any problems they may have faced.
Customer Relationship Management
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