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Digital Summit Detroit

No description

Katie Streten

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Digital Summit Detroit

Digital Summit Detroit
Marketing expert and social maven

Why would someone connect with you?
Generosity - Giving time, information, value
Art - Something real that brings us close to truth

If you don't have enough good ideas, you dont' have enough bad ideas

In an economy of abundance what do you have to offer? ROT
Seth Godin
Brad Spychalski of Pinterest

Content Storytelling
Mitsy Lopez Baranello, Huge

In 1 day we collect 6 exabytes of data.
In one day we make 35,000 decisions.
We have decision fatigue.

1. Simplify selection - Personal preferences
2. Choice editing - Topshop personal shopper
3. Eliminating decisions - Amazon's
sales process and one click buy
Anticipatory Design
Ann Handley, author & content strategist
Content Strategy
But, you can eliminate joy. So...
If you are delivering art - you will fail, you will do something stupid there is no reassurance other than that eventually you will have a good idea
Probability of desire
Cost of being wrong
don't bother
simplify selection
choice editing
anticipatory design
What is tone of voice?
Culture x Story x Empathy

'If the label falls off you know it's ours'
Your content is the voice of your brand.

You are both attracting the right kind of person and repelling the wrong kind of person
"We help non-profits make real and lasting change. We only work with clients we believe in."
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