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Xian Trip

After I come back from the school end of year trip Grade 6 to Xi'an

Rachel Ng

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Xian Trip

Grade 6 School End-Of-Year-Trip Where? Xi'an. Why? To understand the Chinese history
and experience the historical things and places To know more about what we are learning
about in Chinese Humanities class See what we are learning about in reality To write in some
awesome worksheets... I enjoyed these
activities best... Biking in the Xi'an Expo...
Even though it did not go as smoothly
as we imagined it would be. Sleeping in the hotel
with my buddy Riding on the bus
and chatting Looking at the
Terra Cotta Warriors
that never move Attempting to read
the stone tablets
in the Stone Tablets
Museum The basketball competition
in the Xi'an school Reflecting on the environment
in Hong Kong and Xi'an The teachers are
stricter in Xi'an There are more pollution in Hong KOng and more trees in Xi'an More aircons in Hong Kong
and more fans in Xi'an Grey sky in Hong Kong most times
Bule sky in Xi'an most times Hong Kong cleaner Every warrior differ from the others The uniform can classify them They are made from clay Once burned by Xiang Yu Built in Qin
dynasty A lot of people took part
in building it My team members:
Rachel, Angel, Astin, Oscar,
Kevin, Nicholas, Matthew C, Teezhun Speaking of reflecting... What is our community? What do we need from it? Look at it this way...
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