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The making of virtality

The process to create the work that will comprise the video installation virtality

Juan Rubio

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of The making of virtality

virtality.net Our background in Second Life Artistic approaches Development of concepts: process involved in creating virtality. Collaboration: artists inside Second Life
Oberon Onmura
Juria Yoshikawa Communities in RL leading to Second Life
konic thtr
Brooklyn is Watching
Thinkerer Studios improvisation: in the moment, not planned experimental: non-linear, non-diegtic sound immersive: awareness of physical self diminished or lost by being surrounded in an engrossing total environment some approaches choreographed scripted use of actors dance performance technology sensors projections audience sound our approach virtality combines dance performance, technology and Second Life to blend a physical and virtual space with direct audience participation. Technical capture Second Life
with the use of IShowU editing machinima with Final Cut Pro working with HD for machinima Conferences (2008):

Cultures of Virtual Worlds, University of California, Irvine :Machinima research in education
Identity: Second Life as a tool for ethnographic research.
Lead by Tom Boellstorff. technology virtual art space Fundraising: kickstarter Where are we going Support: partnerships Installation space: a traveling
art piece More collaborations with dance companies,
sound artists, programmers virtality.net Television (2008):

An Emergent Second Life: a Paper Tiger production on the subject of self design and world building in Second Life (2008) aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Brooklyn Cable Access Television. Art Performance (2009):

Jack The Pelican Presents • Brooklyn Is Watching Best Of Year One Fest Curators:

Panel on Second Life:
Pavig Lok - Rezzable creator of Greenies
Jerry Paffendorf - Destroy TV virtality machinima
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